fusiliers or guards

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just wondering if you guys could give me a bit of advice about which regiment to join

my choice is between the coldstream guards and the Fusiliers but i can't seem to get much of a non biased opinion from the blokes at the career office since one is in the fusiliers and the other is in the guards

am i right in thinking the guards are just the same as the rest of the infantry but with allot more marching?

whats the bennefit of being in the guards opposed to another infantry regiment

thanks in advance
May I ask why you chose infantry? Do you intend to make a career out of the army or just blowing through for a few years?
Fusiliers or Coldstream Guards? Great dilemma :)

Both units are excellent - spent a while in Germany with 2RRF and NI with 1 Coldstream Guards. (REME attached.)
On the soldiery type front. Both units are feckin good at their jobs with loads of opportunities open to you.
The bul!shit factor. Virtually none on ops. Some back in camp but play the game and you'll be OK.
Social/family/looking after you. Both excellent, you'll be well looked after - both will see you right whilst you serve and after you leave. (In camp however you may require a replacement liver after a while.)

Good luck mate - if you get stuck just flip a coin - if you choose either you'll be in for a great time. Good luck fella!
yeah i want to make a career out of the infantry
iv always wanted to join the army and even though i went through phases of wanting to be an army air corps pilot or a tank crewman deep down i always wanted to be an infantryman

yeah im from the Ashington branch, the guys are great but its hard to make a decision when they are both telling me good things about there regiments

thanks CC_TA, atleast i know il do alright which ever i chose
Hmm, asking for advice on a choice of regt is tricky... Obviously all the blokes think theirs is the best (or at least they bloody should do) and will try to steer you towards that, so you probably won't get too good an impression. In which case, listening to the likes of CC who has been attached to both is probably not a bad way to look at the differences.

Failing all that, just man up, stop all this thought of marchy stampy bollacks and wear your hackle with pride :wink:

the next fecker to mention budgies/parrots/tampons is gonna get a virtual cuffing!
You need to listen to the Ashington WO11.

Everything he has told you about the Coldstream Guards is true. Great Regiment, great history, great prospects. It's not an easy life, but if you wanted easy you could stay at home and sign on for job seekers allowance.

There is no prouder moment than your first Queens Guard. unless you include your first Troop.

A plume is much more classy than a hackle.
Even though its only the coldstream guards, and not the proper Guards you have been offered, the guards is way above and beyond any of the lesser chippie inf mobs.

Its not a case of more drill, its more a case of better drills and soldering than others, plus uniforms so smart they have a phd from oxford.

If it has to out of those two, go guards every time.
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