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Can any serving soldiers give some advise, my son 15 has completed his BARB, attended run club to get his run time 9.08. As long as his medical comes back okay he has been told he will come in for his interview and then go to ADSC. His two choices are the Royal Artillery - systems command or light infantry with the Fusiliers. Can anyone let me know which will be the best for him, any pro / cons.

Cheers 8)


Two very different trades there in almost every sense of the word. ACS (Artillery Command Systems) is a support trade with in the artillery. based mainly within the command post, it is the job of an ACS gunner to operate the various communications / computer systems that enable the RA to function effectively. The infantry is the fighting force of the British Army. Based on the front line, these guys have the job of finding and destroying the enemy.

If he goes RA he will have a trade and can progress up the chain in that trade. It will also be quite useful when he leaves as a he will have a good comms background.

I'm sure you have seen the news about our troops overseas, it's the infantry that are doing the fighting and, (for the most part, and very unfortuntely too,) the dying.

At the end of the day, it's going to be your son's decision what he joins. I joined the infantry when I had literally just turned 17 and done 3 years in the Welsh Guards. I'm now in the R.Signals and have a trade which I can fall back on when I eventually leave. Your son should do the job that he feels he will enjoy the most, and as hard as it may be, could do without you 'guiding' him away from the dangers of the infantry if that's what he wants to join as it will inevitably be his career you have changed which could result in him having a bad few yearsand leave the army with a bitter taste in his mouth. My parents didn't want me to join the infantry but that's all I ever wanted to do and would not of changed it for the world.


Thanks for the info, totally agree that it is his decision, he has been mature enough at his age to make a career decision. taking away the obvious danger I think it will be a great career choice for him.
My brother was stopped by my father (18 years Grenadiers) from joining never got on after that.


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