Fusiliers Ho!

First Fusiliers in the Gulf. (Article taken from The Sun 25/03/03)

A BRITISH major knocked Saddam off his perch yesterday-by Slamming an armoured vehicle into a portrait of him.

Major D traversed the gun turret on his 25-ton Warrior and drove straight into a stone plinth bearing the tyrant's grinning face.

The symbolic act of demolition, which delighted locals, came as Major D's men entered the village of Al Shaba near Basra.

His soldiers from Zulu Company, 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, fanned out to scour the sprawling settlement after other troops had come under fire.

The major said he had flattened Saddam's monument to reassure villagers that Allied troops came with friendly intentions.

He said: "It just lets them know that we are here to free them of the tyranny that has been a feature of their lives for so long."

Where are the pictures Boss? :)
PtP - already been done in Az Zubayar by the Watch - your lot are a bit behind the times ;D ;D
You tell a certain moderator that when he gets back

I would think the Tristar lifting 1st Batt out of Kuwait would need lots and lots of runway to get airborne, those gold taps weigh a bit you know.

That's assuming your Jocks haven't klifted the lot  :)
Taps, sinks, baths, RPG's, AK's, cruise missiles, anything that isn't screwed down - heard of a plan to try and ship a palace back - brick by brick??? (you've got to love them for trying) - will do nicely as the new NAAFi bar ;D

Also a plan to "borrow" a couple of the more attractive Aussie female liaison officers ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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