fusiliers based ???

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kiiii, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. ok i have my interview this coming monday

    and i have done alot of research on this board about the fusiliers
    found out

    battalion are based in germany

    2nd used to be based in cyprus till april now moved back to london and could be moveing to germany with 1st

    they celebrate st george day which is in april
    plus the name fusiliers comes from franch

    1st is armoured
    2nd is light

    but still have not found out where i will be based for phase one is it catterick or is it down london ??

    plus will any of this stuff i have learnt help me in my interview

  2. yes i think its at catterick ITC and yes it should go in gd stead with u knowing alot my interview a few weeks back was for infantry he asked what sort of thing do you do in phase 1 and 2 and where i did them and what i knew might be diff but its always good to learn no matter how much you learn you can never learn enough
  3. thats what i mean i know all that stuff what i have said but im not 100 percent sure in what i will be doin during phase one and two
  4. both phase one and two are basically continuations of each other in the infantry, you will do a lot of fitness, learn how to operate the basic weapons systems and learn feildcraft and basic tactical movements, you will also develop your understanding of soldiering, the values and standards of the british army as well as being introduced to lots of pain, mud and shouting. enjoy.
  5. but yeah you go to catterick, vimy barracks. decent blocks for queens div as well, you should be alright.
  6. jsut remember this

    weapon training
    fitness training
    map reading
    first aid
    2 week excerise
  7. Nope. 1st Battalion are moving to Tidworth.
  8. cheers
  9. thanking you
  10. vimy barracks are nice, a helped to build them 8)
  11. hey im a fusilier cadet and has just been told bout the 1st battalion parading though coventry 29th this month