fusiliers 2nd phase


how long is the second phase for the fusiliers
i know everything i need to know about the first phase i think
and just wannted to know how long and what different stuff do you do in your second phase and where are u based



Whaaat? The Fusiliers are infantry... You do all your training at ITC Catterick. There is no first or second phase. The CIC is a 26 week course that combines both.
So not too sure what you're going on about mate. All infantry do the same course.


There's a link, scroll down the page and it mentions training.


There's another link, that takes you to the Fusiliers own little website within the Army.mod.uk site.


There's one final link, which takes you to the infantry page on the site. If you scroll down the page there is a video that takes you through some of the things that go on during the 26 week course.

Seriously, that took me about 2 minutes to find all 3 of those links.

EDIT: This is probably the best link of the all
It has a breakdown of what happens week by week for all 26 weeks, aswell as videos and loads of FAQs.
I think kiii is talking about the phase where you have to trap your budgie and train it to sit on your beret without moving. A pass or fail element of the Fusiliers basic training. Those who fail can transfer to a proper infantry regiment that doesn't have to worry about pet care! :p

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