Fusilier pathfinders circa 1982?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Skinn_Full, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. Evening all, I have a small question that I know someone is going to pounce on and answer immediately!! Shooting the breeze last weekend with a mate of mine and somehow got chatting about recce platoon and pathfinders and all that crack. Anyhow I vaguely remembered seeing a picture about 7 or 8 years ago of some lads in a group photo in the Falklands after hostilities had ceased who all had their wings up and underneath their wings what looked like a red and yellow diagonal D.Z flash. Im sure that the picture credited them as being 'Fusilier Pathfinders' possibly from the old 3RRF? Although I cant be sure if that was the correct Battalion. My mate is a Fusilier himself but reckons there was never any such thing as pathfinder fusiliers. Does anyone know if such a unit ever existed? and were they disbanded with 3RRF or around the same time?? Cheers Easy.
  2. Never heard of them TBH. I can't see why the Fusiliers would need Pathfinders either. I could be wrong though!
  3. If it's the photo I am thinking of then it was the Recce Pl of one of the Fus Bns on a six month bender down south after / when they were part of the old Air Mob Bde. They'd been para trained for obvious reasons, but were not PF.

    Hope this helps.
  4. The DZ flash was adopted by the Bn whilst it was in the Air Mob Bde, and has been in and out of fashion since. The latest iteration of the flash is slightly smaller and worn on the right hand side of the helmet.
  5. 3RRF* had a LURPS group (not sure of the size), who unfortunately were attached to C/3RRF during the Blue on Blue incident on 26th Feb 91.

    * I'd have to check, it may have been 1RRF, but they were certainly "disbanded prematurely" by the Yanks.

    Editted by me due to wrong date.
  6. Was it 3 RRF? Mark A*** (Legend) was certainly recce during that time , and Ian O***** was there at the same time as I recall. Not sure if Ian was 1 or 3 , but Mark was definitely 3.
  7. There would never be any need for a non-para unit to have Pathfinders, the job is to mark DZs for the main drop. It would be like having an armoured platoon in a Para Bn. The Patrols platoons in the Para Reg Bns rarely even get involved with DZ marking (I know as I was 1 Para Patrols).
  8. I Know Cos I was There!! The first Fusilier Battalion sent to the Falklands after the war was the second Battalion. We went down in September 1983 and came home in March 84. We had no need for a pathfinder platoon, we did have Recce and QRF platoons. We never wore any aditional flashes for Air Mobile Brigade or the Falkland Garrison (a picture of a Benny sh*gging a sheep, i think)
  9. Relax GR, no one is trying to usurp your role, it was an honest question, which appears to have been cleared up!!
  10. Funny that I remember 1 Para Recce Platoon zipping around Bulford, in the mid-80's, in CVR(T) when they were AMF(L) Inf Bn, and the POD was CO. :)
  11. Doh! What was I thinking? Fusrml , does S McG ring a bell?
  12. I wasn't having a go, I was trying to explain the reasons behind the roles.
  13. That was obviously because they weren't in the Airborne Bde role at the time. Same as 3 Para in the mid nineties.
  14. Relax dogmonkey. Greenronnie was giving an honest answer to an honest question! Even if the question was cleared up which is wasn't exactly does that mean no-one else is allowed to have their input or is that just reserved for us Airborne personnel?
  15. Must be part of the Secret thought Police :lol: