Fusilier Gordon Gentle

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by a_nony_mouse, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. Bob Ainsworth being interviewed.
  2. Yes notice the bowed head and mumbling! Bet he couldn't look her in the eye.
  3. At risk of sounding like a right cnut.

    Would he have wanted this???

    I'm very familiar with this incident and what happened in the hours that followed and to be honest in some cases the truth hurts.
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Good luck to her but I fear that it will come to nothing in the eye's of the Gov.
  5. I agree fully mate. If my mother kicked up the same stink after i'd been killed that she has, i'd be severely pissed off (obviously i'd be dead, but you know what i mean.)

    Firstly it was he hadn't had enough training, now its the ECM wasn't installed.

    Well he had the same amount of training as anyone else, phase 1, phase 2, OPTAG, off you go son.

    As for the ECM, i hear that we didn't even have ECM to counter the trigger mechanism that detonated the bomb that killed him.........
  6. As for the ECM, i hear that we didn't even have ECM to counter the trigger mechanism that detonated the bomb that killed him.........

    Doubt it. User error in this case l reckon.

    No one else has had any dramas
  7. unless it was command wire that is...
  8. The inquest showed that :-

    *The kit was in theatre - 1km from the base.
    *The fault was human error, either at the Loggies end or at the units G10.
    *Kit was fitted to other vehicles within 6 hours of the incident.

    Therefore the fault lies at unit level and not with the system, the MOD or government - in contrast, for instance, with Sgt Roberts who was let down by the system and therefore MOD.
  9. Yes i do feel sorry for her, but did the commanders not know the kit was in the stores?? If i knew there was ECM available but not issued out, i would push for it to be available, there are many troops who went out without it in the vehicles including me, we had a few lads sent home injured after being hit by a roadside bomb.

    There are alot of questions that need to be answered about the treatment of soldiers on tour, more kit issues than anything else.

    People are quick enough to blame the MOD, does nobody think about blaming the commanders who are getting paid to make sure their jnr troops are looked after.
  10. This woman will never be happy. Her only joy in life is carrying a stick and beating people on the head with it who may or may not have contributed to the fact her son was killed!
  11. well you said it..........
  12. Er, no.

    'On the balance probabilities' would have been inhibited by available kit, but certainly not CW.

    Rose Gentle has, understandably dealt with her terrible loss through anger, but it is surely time for her to let it go. There simply is no individual who she can make hurt as much as she hurts; it was not that sort of an incident.
  13. That's what i'm saying. If it was command wire then no ECM will stop it, only detect its existence.

    Rose Gentle has in my personal humble opinion, sullied the name of a young hero. Whenever any Joe Public hears the name Fus Gordon Gentle they immediately think of the chaos surrounding all her anti-war,anti-blair,anti anyone she can blame.

    His memory should have lived on as ayoung hero who gave his life in service. Thanks to his mum its apparently a young man who was "too young" and "didn't have enough training" etc etc :roll:
  14. Sorry, I wasn't being clear. It definitely wasn't command wire; the question is whether the form of initiation was one that the relevant kit could have dealt with, or a more developed form. It was probably the former (but not definitely).

    Agree with everything else. Like Bad_Crow I have some familiarity with this incident and would be happy to see it left in the past now.