Hello fellas, anyone have any idea what the limitations are on service if you have had an ankle fuseion operation?

Is it a no show at the door, or will supt arms accept you into certain roles?

As long as everything has healed and you can pass the physical selection tests, I see no problem!

But they might send you to a consultant for further advice!

Ask at the Career's Office.

That is why we would send you to a consultant. We would want some confidence that we were unlikely to break you during training, which might lead you to make a huge compensation claim against the Ministry in the future!

Although not every soldier is required to throw themselves out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft, we do require soldiers to jump from 12 foot high walls (into gravel, usually). We need soldiers to run, jump, march and play sports etc. And then, how would you perform patrolling for long hours in the desert, where nothing is firm under foot? Or in Basra, where the streets are a jumble of stones, broken tarmac and and rubbish. Soldiering is intensely physical - at least in the first 14 weeks for even the most sedentary of jobs.

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time for my mid-morning snooze....

Thankyou for that mate, I'm actually trying to rejoin. Broke myself cross decking between two perfectly servicable LC's, the walls where generally ok unless I was shiters the night before phys.

I've been round a few mob consultants prior to being medically discharged, I think my case will have to be put before some sort of MBOS to get my catagary back up (dont know how that works from civ div). Either that or go for a standard joining medical with a written confirmation from a consultant that Im sorted. Just wondering how the medical restrictions differ for support arms compared to the teeth arms to see if that is a possibility.
No worries dude,

Tryed emailing the online AFCO they have on the army.mod.uk but the arsse hole on the other end couldn't be fuked to pick the phone up and find out for me, just refered me to local AFCO. Working abroad at the minute so have to go down when I get back.

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