Fury over paedophile at child gym

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A school is allowing a convicted paedophile to use its gym after being told that banning him could breach his human rights.

Concerned parent Anthony Callaghan alerted the authorities about the man, using the gym at Whitecross School in Lydney, Gloucestershire.

The man was convicted of sex abuse on three girls aged 12 and 13 in 1999.

But solicitors acting for the school and local council said a ban might infringe the man's human rights.

As a result, the child abuser has been allowed to go on using the leisure centre's facilities, which are shared by pupils and the public.

Child protection campaigners have described the decision not to bar him as "insane", and an MP has accused the authorities of putting his rights above those of the children.

"It's totally unbelievable that this man is allowed to carry on visiting the school and using the gym," Mr Callaghan said.

The child protection charity, Kidscape, described the decision not to ban the man as "crazy".

Dr Michelle Elliott, Kidscape director, said: "It's an extraordinary story. When a convicted child sex offender's rights are upheld over the children's safety, then the cuckoos are running the nest. It's just crazy, This is insane."

Police 'aware'

Labour MP Dan Norris, a former child protection officer, also criticised Forest of Dean District Council, which runs the gym, for not acting more decisively and instituting a ban.

"I strongly condemn those who show weaknesses in not protecting the most vulnerable in our society from individuals who are known to have seriously harmed children in the past," he said.

Gloucestershire Police said they were "aware" of the individual, but said they had received no complaints.

A spokesman for the Forest of Dean District Council said it would comment on the issue on Monday.
Source: BBC News

What planet are these doo-gooders on to put the rights of a sick pervert over the rights and safety of children.

Here is the email for the countil: council@fdean.gov.uk
Malteser, check PM's please?

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