Fury at Howard HIV entry ban call

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by in_the_cheapseats, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Howard gives notice for another cracking non-PC Aussie policy.

    Read here

    I have to say, I'm in complete agreement with it.

    Helmet on!
  2. Fury at Howard HIV entry ban call


  3. Well quite,wearing a johnny is often a good way to avoid an STD.
  4. We take the piss out of the Australians for being convicts etc, but if our government had just 1/2 of the balls that theirs has, this country would be a better place.
  5. Concur

    The looney left hate the Aussie's because they are Un-PC and have an effective immigration policy.
    More to the point they don't give a flying f**k about what Doris Bleeding Hart MP from the UK, has to say about ANY subject that involves Australia.
    You can see why so many Brits head to Oz every year.
  6. Great policy.

    How would I find out how many NHS staff are infected with HIV ?
  7. I'm sorry it is not OUR Michael Howard.

    Seems eminently sensible idea to me.

    As a matter of passing interest, what is the position of our old 'friends' and 'loyal allies' the French on this ?

    Lucky Aussies - they have a real Leader, not a preening, self serving, fatuous, 'wannabee' pop-star prat like Bliar.

    PS. Just had to turn the wireless off - the oleaginous, sperma-tanned, quasi-terrorist Hain telling us all what was wrong with the 'Iraq 15' affair and how he would put it all right.

    Unless we stand up, vote, and be counted, we will deserve to be governed by the likes of this unprincipled creep.

    Why does Hain not stand for election in Putney - he did once? He only stands in Neath because he knows that even if Saddam Hussein (dead or alive) was the Labour candidate there he would be elected.

    I hope Hain becomes Deputy Slime Minister as that will pretty well guarantee Labour being kicked out at the next General Election.

    Come on good people of Neath. Follow Blaenau Gwent and get a real MP not a 'shoe-in', especially such a dreadful tin-tack throwing, insignificant, foreign, agitator as the rat like thing you currently have.
  8. Follows on from the basic Aussie Rules One, Two, Three and Four which all state "No poofters"
  9. Just why the hell should we be paying for medical treatment for bloody immigrants who have contributed nothing.
    My mother in law who is 84 has been told she can't have a hearing aid , no funds available to pay for it . She has paid in all her life as did her late husband who was a blue job , but we wont hold that against him.
    Foreigners come to the UK get treatment and then complain how unfair the country is towards them.
  10. So Australia's moving back to the dark ages. No surprise there.
  11. So you belive that health torism isnt a bad thing? You believe that the return of TB too innner cities! Is a good thing!

  12. Why don't you do us all a favour and die in your sleep ?
  13. Personally, I think it's a good idea, can't see any grounds to criticise it and think we should follow suit. As effectively a 'migrant worker' myself, an expat chasing a better life, I've had HIV tests demanded not by my any foreign government but by foreign employers and had no problem with it. Seems a bit pointless having the usual perfunctory medical without it.

    Don't have any figures to hand, but remember a fairly recent press report saying that the main increase in HIV here was due to folks from Africa who brought it with them. Migrant workers are supposed to bring skills and the motivation to work (...that's what built Australia isn't it?) not diseases and the desire to get treatment.
  14. It's a shame the UK will not follow the lead of Australia, before I was granted a visa I had to have a medical, chest x ray, blood tests, and sign on the dotted line to say that I understood that I would not be eligible for any benefits for two years.
    Chances of that happening in the Uk? Slim to fcuk all methinks.
  15. Can't see a problem with this.

    All they ask is that you can contribute to their society and you are in.

    I hardly think coming in with a fatal, incurable desease is the sort of contribution they are after.

    Also, looking at the diesease, it affects, amongst others, druggies. Hard stuff users at that. So this ruleing will keep these parasites out.

    Health Tourism, even from that industrial powerhouse America, is crippling our nation. Immigrants should be given basic life saving treatment only, every thing else they should secure themselves.

    I'm all for helping people but this is beginning to take the p1ss. Either that or they should be presented with a large bill at the end of it for the flight home.

    We should be part of the Aussies Common Wealth not the other way around!!!!

    Bring Howard over here to be our PM!!!