Fury as hit-and-run PC keeps his job

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Sep 23, 2004.

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  1. It must be their positive discrimination policy.....................disgraceful
  2. Not a surpise really, in this brave new world of "Social Justice" and "equallity" how could we punish him anyway? when he was bullied by two FEMALE officers on a basis of race. Just as well our police have the strength of character and moral courage to make a complaint :roll: .

    Sometimes I wish I was an ethnic minority (being a Paddy I may be listed by the CRE but really come on) If I was a real ethnic minority it would be great. If I wanted I would not have to be responsible for anything as everything would be someones fault. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    A policeman? how the Fcuk did he get in? ohh sorry colour not quality
  3. Shocking.
  4. And that, ladies and gentlemen of the jury is the magic get of scott free sentence. :x :evil:

    As a poilceman his conscience should of retired him from the force. :x :evil:
  5. Don't the race laws (in theory) work both ways? So, next time you have an accident (and leave the scene) while uninsured try claiming race discrimination on the basis that if you were a minority member you'd get away with it - there's even case law to back you up now! :x :x :x
  6. IMHO Driving without insurance is not a minor offence. He should have been dishonourably discharged for that alone.

    I must send this to my friends in South Africa - I'm sure they'll be most impressed that the concept of "affirmative action" is catching on :roll:
  7. I have just moved back to UK after 5 years in the US - and wishing I hadnt bothered.... it is far from perfect over there but atleast I knew that before.. here I see a once fair and pleasant land being screwed over and dragged down and most of the population seem to let it pass without so much as a whimper.
    Where is the moral outrage at this case? Havent seen it on the news on TV? - the reporters (if there was any moral decency and sense left) should be pillorying the force concerned and the judge.

    What a joke.......
  8. Anybody caught driving without insurance should have their car seized and sold with the proceeds put into a fund for people hit by uninsured drivers. Oh yes and they should be disqualified from any responsible job forever.
  9. I'm not even sure if he was a reg copper as it implied he joined as a special in 94!!
    but that is irrelevant anyway, he should have been locked up IMHO
  10. I know the saying set a crook to catch a crook but really its a joke anda bad one . How can he justfiy keeping his job having no insurance is bad enough but leaving casualties at the scence of an accident and then lying
    about it .Think even the iraq police would think twice about keeping him on
    mans a liar and a coward get ridof him.
  11. Next time something goes down and you call 999 remember to state that you percieve there to be a racial discrimination element to whatever is happening... :wink:
  12. I just this 'reposting' will involve quantities of concrete?!! :evil:
  13. Obviously if he was PC Smith or Jones it would have been a completely different story
  14. The only reason he got off is because he is an 'ethnic minority' muslim. This is an absolute disgrace - other policemen have lost their jobs for one racial word alone. This fcuking cnunt gets away with an accident, leaving the scene, re-spraying his car to conceal evidence and then trying to get his family to lie for him. He should be in prison - period. Yet he's still in the police - just because of his fcuking colour.

    :evil: :evil: :evil: