Furthering Your Career By Making Examples of Other People

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by N_Dynamite, Apr 25, 2005.

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  1. I'm sure we've all been witnesses to our work collegues and 'friends' eager to inform the hierarchy the moment we put a foot wrong, gleefuly hoping that they will be cast upon in a more positive light, hoping for a promotion. This unfortunately is nothing new, but spreading rumours back to corps units throughout the fcuking world is taking the biscuit. With these two things combined it is little wonder that there is such dismay at the way brown noses are treated. Personally, they should be marched infront of the Razman then made to clean toilets using nothing but a toothpick and their tongues.

    I've recently come across an incident where a collegue on the same camp was accused of spreading rumours about a fellow collegues wife. Completely untrue these rumours were then taken as hard fact by collegues and 'friends' without ever knowing the real facts. Innocent until proven guilty is a phrase which has lost purpose and meaning in an army willing to take gossip at face value rather than what it truly is, utter sh*te.

    Please tell me that i'm being paranoid and starting to lose the plot or is it the norm at whichever garrison you are posted to?
  2. Hold on! Surely peddling unsubstantiated bo11ocks is in the int corps' job description? <ducks>
  3. Seen it quite a few times. Sad fact of life in this day and age of IIP and political correctness. Plenty of this nonsense could be and does get avoided, but sadly some bottom kissers insist on taking it "up the chain" and it seems to be that once it gains momentum, regardless of the truth etc, there is no stopping it.
  4. Two friends of mine have been victim to rumours. The first was said to have been charged with sexual harrasment. He is known to be a bit of a sex pest but the charge is utter crud. The rumour managed to go all the way from the garrison over an entire continent to quicksands where it spread like food poisoning the night before a stretcher race. The next bloke, a valley boy (plastic welshman), was said to have spent £15000 on whores where because of his mouting debts, he's folks had to remortgage their house. It's amusing now but where does the carnage end?
  5. couldnt agree more. i know of someone who was the subject of a rumour that was complete b*llocks, and it still persists to this day many, many years later. me and his proper mates know its sh*te, but members of the heirarchy (RIGHT to the top) have repeated it since as fact. once something is out there, its almost impossible to convince people of the truth. apart from a few individuals in our beloved corps, most seem to prefer to think they already know the answer. not the best trait for professional int operators...?
  6. Gossiping and the shaking of the whisper tree is only to be expected amongst junior ranks and is a feature of life in the Forces, not just the Corps. Where the line has to be drawn is when, as CRMCR has stated, SNCO's and officers continue this process. I have personal experience of a WO2 in the Corps who was prepared to f**k people over left right and centre if it meant advancing his own precious career, and this included sidling up to the OC's/CO's/RSM's of units in the bar/mess/at functions and passing on all the dodgy rumours he had heard, to make himself look good. Promotion he may well have achieved, but respect? Nope.
  7. Maybe if you really are his mate a better path would have been to have advised him to shed the "sex pest" image before it turns into "sexual harrassment". It's happened before and the results are never pretty - particularly for someone posted to a TA unit full of lawyers. Not that that's him of course, just thinking back to my youth.
  8. As some one who finds themselves in the enviable posiiton of employinng those personnel leaving the corps for what ever reason the BS and brown nosing merchants will find their days quite lean getting their giros. I had one to many rumours spread about me and wives and all sorts. They know who they are and, well nuff said really! :lol:
  9. If you throw enough sh*t it sticks.................that said, why let the truth get in the way of a good rumour :twisted:
  10. I'm going to take a leaf out of the notorious aussie criminal Mark 'Chopper' Brandon Reed's book here, I think it is also important to look at the people behind the rumours! Those throwing the sh*t are either young thrusters in every sense of the word viewing said individual as an obstacle or the paedophilic old people we seem to have cluttering various corridors and it is only because they miserable, bitter and twisted! So go on f*** off you miserable bastards and get a life instead of pissing off other people trying to make your self feel good about the boring detritus that has become yours! :evil:
  11. I never cared what people said about me, certainly didn't get bitter and twisted about it :)

  12. I had one of those Brits in the back of my taxi, whilst moving some weapons, the other day. He's still working on his biography, but the screenplay is taking a priority just now. He's going to do some of the backing soundtrack as well
    ( Mark Knopfler comes to Cherry Valley? Stuck up get, this is reputedly the boy who "was up on Cyprus Avenue" with Van the Man all those years back).
    .......Flute me ! you should hear about what those'uns have been saying about him up at Connelly House.......... Bairbre de Brun was spitting feathers