Further Tube strikes of up to two weeks awaits Commuters

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by beemer007, May 4, 2011.

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  1. Having just got over the huge recent event when the system struggled, commuters face yet more misery and possible Court proceedings waits, comments and views from both sides of the divide?

    "Mr Johnson admitted he was angry at both the RMT union and the Government. He pledged: "We're not going to give an inch."

    TWO WEEKS of Tube strikes: Londoners to be hit by savage union walkouts | News
  2. I have no doubt that the 'usual suspects' will rush to defend 'the right to strike', but what about the 'responsibility to serve the public'?

    Two individuals have been dismissed. They have the right to take their perceived grievances to an Employment Tribunal, or some such organisation.

    Instead of this course of action, the RMT union has directed that days of strikes are to take place. These strikes will cause immense problems to the general public and cost hundreds, possibly thousands, of millions of pounds.

    London is now so large and so important to the financial recovery of this nation, that public services - transport; Police; fire-fighters; refuse collectors and other essential services - should be protected against strikes by legislation.
  3. This is par for the course with the dinosaurs of the RMT. Grab any chance to cause as much disruption as possible and to hell with real people.
  4. I think the union power brokers in London are just warming up for the Olympics when they really will be in a position to **** the system up.

    I just don't believe Crowe et al could bring themselves to leave it alone and turn down the chance to get their name and the disruption they cause splashed across media outlets around the world.

  5. Where is SEAL Team6 when you really need them.
  6. That this day should have come; I actually agree with you. Tube travel is the lifeblood of London and measures are needed to keep it open. Heaven forfend that it comes to behave like another BA (which I no longer use).
  7. RumourControl has it that these drivers will get a pay rise as a bribe NOT to strike during the Olympics.

    No guarantees about the run-up to the Olympics or the days immediately afterwards of course.

    £45,000 + per annum and still wanting more! As greedy and unprincipled as politicians!
  8. Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary, lives in a council house. He's on £140,000+.
  9. Strike off! Management give in to unions. Makes you proud to be British!
  10. Yup,10% pay rise,+ £3:50 extra per hour if they're working on shift whilst the Olympics are taking place.

    Given the number of really technical jobs in the Armed Forces,how ******* difficult is it to drive a Tube Train,it's not as if you have to turn left or right,and look out for other traffic,I was pretty good with my train set,I think I might apply! ;-)
  11. And the ***** still have the right to strike during the Games as well, so watch out.