further selection?

Have been told that if you get selected for the Geo Tech trade then you have to go for further selection (after ADSC), which last for about a week?!

What kind of test will be done for this further selection? There have been previous threads, which I've read, on this subject but nothing definitive.


It's called Aptitude Testing to see if you have an aptitude for the trade.

You will have an 'entrance' test on day 1 and many have now started to fail this as there are too many new tradesmen in the pipeline so whereas a few years ago any kno-b jockey was being accepted the assesors now only take those they consider to be 'guaranteed' a pass.

There are several tests including an orientering test, as the trade is geographically based and an essay is written to test your English. There are also maths tests and other such things to stimulate the grey matter. All in all nothing to wory about!

Oh, and you will be called a Geo Mong and/or a Conehead for the rest of your time in The Corps.

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