Further REME re-balancing

LAD HQs are to be placed under the command of the REME Battalions on operations and exercises. This gives the REME Bn CO something to command on Ops and Ex. This has been trialled in Germany I believe, and was successful. 7 Bde are to deploy to Iraq with this set-up in place. Fitter sections will not be touched at present.

Who now commands the fitter sections?

This is strange

By definition an Artificer is a star (4 Bn REME is great, pity it is in Bordon though)
Howdy Art
The way i understand it (cos its 'appening to me) is the bulk at A2 Ech the like of Mtsm, Armr and the Tech stores are going back to Bn(Leaving no one to stag on the rads in the CP!). Hopefully not to run around with stretchers/logs or be part of an IST to go to A2 Ech where you just came from to do a job!
The fitter section will still have a tiffmeister to get in the way during pack lifts and to try and LEAN anything that moves!
Ha ha i love being twitter and bisted
Truly though hope that shines some light.
Again ArtVeh88 knows more than the blokes on the ground :roll:.

I'm in a 7Bde LAD and there is no plan for 2 Bn to command the LAD on Ops. In fact we're getting an EMELET from 2 Bn to work in our LAD under the OC.

Our metalsmith, G10 and everyone else is staying firmly in place with the LAD.

The LADs in SLB are colocated with, but not under command of the Bn.
Sorry Nige, only relaying what we are being briefed. It is happening in Catchyerselfon's unit (above). I am glad it is not happening in 7 Bde - Yet.

Nige, you may well get a surprise shortly though. All ES assets not in a fitter section will become a Bde LAD section to be deployed forward, back where they came from when needed by Bn CO.
catchyerselfon said:
The fitter section will still have a tiffmeister to get in the way during pack lifts and to try and LEAN anything that moves!
HA! - You'll miss us when we're gone :wink:
I'll believe it when I see it mate.

Given that we are actively planning for ops, and none of the command team, nor 2 Bn REME have mentioned this. It's the sort of thing that would be discussed on BEME's conference, CO's Conferences etc. and it hasn't been, so draw your own conclusions.

There has been discussion of perhaps pooling the metalsmiths, but we've given this a thumbs down. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what the Bn CO thinks, it's what the Regiment's CO thinks. We're his train set!

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Roger to Nige's reply on this one. The 7005 (the authority for ownership) still has the LAD working for the Bn/Regt so they are the Parent unit's soldiers, not the REME Bn. EME is realistically likely to work more closely with the BGLO in the (short to medium term) future so no change to the command set up there. There will continue to be much debate about the best link between the parent Bn and its support, but why not - do we want to continue to offer the most effective support we can? If the environment we are working in and the units we are working in are different we have to adapt. Long term, you could look ahead to more radical change at 2nd line than you will see at 1st (CSS Battalions etc).
Another comment I heard today said that BGs on TELIC were over the moon with the ES provided, the current 1st to 2nd ratio for manning is about 4:1. Kind of shows that rebalancing isn't the way ahead on Ops....
This is the second thread started by Art Veh 88 talking nonsense, where are you getting your info from?
ArtVeh guy, you are talking the biggest load of shit I have ever heard. I am in a position to see what is going on and you are sooo wrong matey.

This is also covered in the DEME(A) 'vision', Basically the productive bit of LAD main (I'm guessing metalsmiths, Sgt Armourer, ECE section etc.) will be under comand CS Coy. EME,ASM etc remain with BG. What they do is anyone's guess, as generally they control the productive bit of LAD main - as well as providing ES advice to BGHQ.
Sounds like a plan to me?????
Ha ha
I love being right!
Thank you to all in advance for the flood of aplogies to ArtVeh88 and my good self for having a finger on the pulse and not a thumb up the Arrse like some of you lot here!
Nige, I have agreed with you on all accounts here. We disagreed some time ago, but I thought that that was behind us now! PUBLIC APOLOGY FROM ME OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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