Further proof that Cameron has gone 'full retard'.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Jul 31, 2011.

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  1. Agree with 'sunnoficarus'. Cameron should stop trying to be Blair and get on with sorting out our broken Britain. If he cannot, he should move aside making way for somebody who can.

    What an awful disappointment this government is turning out to be. Cameron is called Prime Minister but it is clearly apparent that the Liberals, led by the clown Cable, are calling all the shots.

    If taxes, personal and corporate, were cut in GB then the Labour engineered mess would sort itself out. That said, with Cameron's letter to the socialist twit in Canberra in mind - stand by for MORE 'carbon taxes'.

    Global Warming the greatest fraud perpetrated on man by man - ever!
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  2. Don't know about Dave's green credentials, but he is able to muck in, albeit perhaps without much enthusiasm. He is as we all know, on holiday in Tuscany, where the Italian media keep close tabs on him. This evening they are reporting that he went to a bar and ordered a coffee, indicating that it should be brought to his table. The proprietor allegedly said "I'm busy, help yourself" which he did. He paid the 3.10 Euro bill with a 50 Euro note, and never left a tip. Maybe he would have got better service in Oz.

    link here Non gli portano i cappuccini al tavolo E Cameron non lascia la mancia - Corriere della Sera sorry, can't find the translated page.
  3. O'please ..... David can not fix our economy, nether can anyone else by the looks of things.

    All MP's these days just ride the waves of the politics of the day whilst talking a good job .... While basking in as much personal sunshine ray's as humanly possible.

    The moral of the Story is that their is no magic button to press to fix our economy, it is fucked by the very nature of it's own capitalist design.
  4. Ssssshhhhhhhh!

    Dave needs to lull the opposition into a false sense of security. Such behaviour has been a tool in the politician's armoury since the dawn of time. I mean, just look at Der Fuhrer pressing the flesh at Berlin Gay Pride in 1938:-

  5. How about a government that spends no more than it earns? That seems fairly straightforward and has nothing to do with capitalism.
  6. Well at least this once vagrant managed to make it to Fuhrer!

    Can you imagine a "big issue" seller on the street's of Britain doing the same today?
  7. Yeah because communism has worked wonders when its been tried across the globe. To mangle Churchill, captialism is the worst economic system apart from all the others that have been tried. Cutting £3.75 billion in ten months isn't a bad start and if we end up with fewer civil servants than he started with he'd have done better than Brown.
  8. Ha, this is a government figure ............ It has been heavily massaged!
  9. Well then I'm sure you'll have no problem finding a link to back that up will you, as the Observer and Guardian would like to make him look daft if there was proof he was 'massaging' anything.
  10. ImageUploadedByARRSE1312245984.829211.jpg

    Everyone knows you should never go full retard.
  11. Why would we want a Roma Gypsy as Fuhrer?
  12. It is possible that until that day, he had been quite unaware of the means by which items of food and drink arrived at his table, having never noticed the existence of inferior persons before, and perhaps assuming that the items simply materialised before him by some mystical means or other.
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  13. Fixed that pour vous.
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  14. Good point i-c-h but our current problems stem from the cash that the government borrowed from other countries after bleeding the UK dry, not to mention the 30% of government expenditure that was funded by running the presses at the Mint.