Further planning: Op. Market Hardon

Which weekend?

  • Sept 24-25

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Sept 17-18

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Sept 10-11

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Sept 3-4

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Het maakt niet uit (it doesn't matter)

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  • July or August

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  • Total voters
OK, so the results of the initial poll for the timing of Op. Market Hardon are:

Yes - April-June 10% [ 3 ]
Yes - July-Sept 39% [ 11 ]
Yes - Oct-Dec 14% [ 4 ]
Yes - Whenever 35% [ 10 ]
No, this mission is too dangerous for mere mortals 0% [ 0 ]

Total Votes : 28 , of which 21 voted for July-Sept or Whenever...

...and there were some loud mumblings about late Sept being a good time. Hence, we shall assume that September is the best, and poll regarding the relevant weekend. Is it safe to assume Saturday night?

Can someone please volunteer to be i/c T-shirts? (i.e. someone who's done it for a previous event & will be coming)

And the link to the previous thread is:


oh, and btw, in case people don't remember or are too idle to click on the link, the target is Amsterdam <<<edited to add this
Me and Ghostywhyte are up for it. Send details please Stoaty.
Forsaken_Child said:
I'm in, will be getting overnighter from Hull if anyone else is after a few beers on way.
Child, what a great idea. Give us two a shout on the way!!!
was going to drive but decided to fook it and get a gypo airlines flight... lemme know what is going on closer to the date.
Accom: http://www.eurocheapo.com/amsterdam/

Transport: Sleazyjet to Schiphol (AMS), or Rail & Sail http://www.amsterdamexpress.co.uk , or various other airlines to Rotterdam or Eindhoven

And a possible meeting place: Café du Lac

I've been to this place before - the food's good & not expensive, the service is average, and it's possible to book a table for around 20. That's unless our man-in-the-dam has any better suggestions???

As to the dates, it looks like most people don't give a damn, and the people that care want one of the last 2 weekends... I'll let this run for a bit longer, and if it's still even, I'll toss a coin. Oh, and I'm corruptible on this issue :D
OK, so it looks like we can expect 7 or 8 people (c'mon, you can do better than this - the 1st poll had about 20 interested!).

Shall I flip a coin to decide between the weekends of 17-18 & 24-25? Or do some more people want to vote, or PM-me to convince me why one date is better than the other?

de wezelman
It has been suggested to make Op. Market Hardon coincide with the Op. Market Garden commemoration it appears that the remembrance is from 16th - 18th September, with a parachute drop on Ginkel Heath in Ede on the 17th and the remebrance service at the airborne cemetery at Oosterbeek on the 18th.

http://www.airbornemuseum.org/agenda/agenda_nl.htm (Dutch)

Would it be prudent to thus organise for that weekend & meet up in Amsterdam on the Saturday night (17th)?

Some info & photos from last year's celebrations:

http://www.airborne-herdenkingen.nl/ (Dutch/English)
Just thought I'd re-ignite this one - are people still interested??? Particularly in making it coincide with the remembrance stuff?
There is a slight problem now regarding the date of 17th September. Due to a work commitment I will be in Japan that weekend. Now, if I remember correctly, there were an awful lot of "don't cares" and only 4 or 2 with any preference, 2 for each weekend.... Would there therefore be any major objections to moving it a weekend to 28th September? Unfortunately this then means that it won't coincide with the Arnhem celebrations.

Also, question: do people need their arrses wiping re. flights & hotels or can people be trusted to use their own initiative on this???? Someone, who shall remain nameless (ducky) suggested that this might be the case, although my higher expectations of humanity dictate to me that you should be able to manage to find out how to get to Hamsterscam...
OK, my boss fecked up the Japan thing (what do you expect from an Iraqi German?), so both weekends are still fine for me - I recommend then the 17th to make it coincide with the Market Garden commemorations.

Is anyone going to have any more input in this, or has everyone said their piece & left it to me???

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