"Further medical information required..."


Hey all!

Im wondering if anyone has been through the same as me and could offer a headsup.

Im in the process of re-enlisting and ive been waiting for my med docs and RG8 to go up to glencorse. I called my recruiter last wed to find out if there had been any news, he said as it happens it came up on their system that morning that they were asking for more info. That was it. He said that he would call them to see if he could get any more info out of them for me and call me when he knows. its now been a week and nothing... Doe anyone know what i probably should be expecting to happen next? :frustrated:

Thanks for any replies
Mate, get on your GP's back as soons as possible, I waited two months after I got my 'further medical information required', GP told me that they had sent it, then they told they hadn't...and wasted two months.


In the end I got my ACIO to send out the letter again, and I made my GP do it while I was there, and then Pirbright got it processed in 4 days.

So to round up...



Howdy cmt...hopefully, thanks for the reply.

its been one 'mare after another with this re-enlistment. one minute im being told ill recieve the letter from ADSC the next minute im being told my GP will get the letter!

Confusion and frustration or what mate!!!!!


Oh and cmt...hopefully,

dunno what the fitness test at ADSC is like these days but honestly its nothing to worry about

Its the ones that show they're keen and try their best that they look for, honestly ;)
Just had the same happen to me, apparently my left hand had a shake when i was 9... about the same time i started burping the worm. So they were worried my hand would go chicken oriental and start scratching the trigger :bom: After the NHS lost my records for a couple of months it all got sorted no problem! Good Luck, im sure its nothing, just a precaution!


Lol thanks for your reply STABTOARABconverter

All for being cautious but doesnt it get you funking frustrated!

Funking hell =D

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