Further finalising contact with Local TA Center

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Soggyllama, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. Following the phone call I just received, I have found out the final details for my 'Day in army life' coming up his saturday.

    Between 0900 and 0915 I need to be at local TA Center
    Then its a trip to our local regs barracks (Donnington)
    Then its a 1.5 mile run
    Back to TA Center
    and interviews
    Wrap up around 1300-1330

    Then Medical at the beginning of march

    in otherwords....."Oh yes, its ON!!" :)

    Seems to me its a mini pre-RSW RSW
  2. Dont be surprised if it is in thtat order.
  3. Good luck SL

    hope you've been training hard
  4. Cheers wannabe, not as hard as I should, but I feel I'll be able to do it.

    Hicky; I though it was wierd too going back to TA center to finish off the PT, should have all been in one place.............Surely
  5. It could be a missprint on the Joing instructions...?
    I'd find it odd if you didnt to the un pressups in the same place.
    Good luck with it.
  6. Certainly sounds odd, usually these 'Look at life' days have a lot more content.
    On the last one I helped out on, all the potential recruits did live firing at 25m, a paintball pairs fire and maneuver, introduction to fieldcraft and a team-building exercise in the form of a climbing wall.

    What unit are you going for, Soggy?
  7. @ Hicky: It was a phone call I got direct from the woman organising it, so I'm only going off what she said. Maybe they could only do the run there due to time slots or whatever. I dunno, it DOES sound odd however i have to admit.

    @Hedphelym: To be fair, THAT day looks alot more pleasing than the one i'm going on. I'm hoping its a wind up, but they said I need to attend in PT gear, so it doesn't look like it :(

    Also, I'm going for The Royal Mercian & Lancastrian Yeomanry - Royal Armoured Corps, here in Telford. From what little I know (and considering tomorrow is the first day I'll be 'meeting' them) its got a lot to do with Tanks :)

    Its wierd, as how she was talking it seemed like an RSW weekend, but without 90% of what happens there. What exactly ARE these 'Look at life' days? Surely if its a recruitment day, it would be better showing potential recruits the 'fun side' of army life, not the PT stuff
  8. I'd be careful with what they sell you on tanks, expect a lot of BS.

    According to their vid I watched a while back their last camp involved fibua and lots of infantry skills.

    The latest rumour I heard was that they are likely to be roled as Mastiff crews instead of CR2 Drivers/Gunners as they are very unlikely to deploy as CR2 replacements.

    If you like driving around in a land rover pretending it’s a tank then you'll love it.

    If not you've also the RIFLES in Shrewsbury and RLC 123 Ammo in Donnigton, or even the RMPs have a hold somewhere if I remember correctly
  9. Does that mean whenever I go anywhere, can I shout "kakakakakakakak.......BOOOOOOM!!!!........kakakakakakakaka" :)

    i went for these guys as they were the closest that I was interested in. I think the other one was Engineers or something. Also, its right next door on the same complex to where my Daughter does Cadets (also same night). I'm not sure what RLC Ammo do, nor the RMP so if you could shed some light on there it would be appreciated :)

    Thankyou for the BS warning though, I'll take that on board
  10. Ok I'm off now for my 'Look at Life' day (well, HALF day) will be back around 1400hrs to tell all.
  11. Goddammit Got a stitch, ran through it, got a 2nd stitch which nearly crippled me, however since carrying on with everything else, I didnt get through this time, but have a 6 month deferral (which is slightly better than a f**k Off). SO 6 months of pushing myself WAY beyond what I was doing now
  12. You didn't get through on the run?
  13. Yeah, the 'meat wagon' had to pick me up :"( bUt i now have 6 moths of pure training now. For some reason they were also aiming at 10:30 run, 44 push-ups and 50 situps. which we werent told originally. OK i understand that is the fitness requirements for Infantry, but i'm not applying for infantry.
  14. Yeah, I think they're trying to close the gap between regs and TA fitness. 10.30 shouldn't be unachievable if you're male though. It'll be what's expected of you once you get in anyway, so you might as well be there from the get go. Sorry to hear you got deferred though!
  15. well at least you know what to achive now....best of luck!