Further Evidence of Dumbing Down (Outrage Bus Not Reqd)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pombsen-armchair-warrior, Nov 3, 2008.

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  1. Bournemouth Council have issued guidelines banning the use of Latin expressions, particularly "when staff are writing to those whose first language may not be English".

    Now, forgive me my naivety, but I would have thought that the use of a non-English language, when writing to those whose first language is not English, may actually be of some benefit, setting aside the reality that many of these folk actually have a far better grasp of English than our own home-bred illiteratti.

    I particularly enjoyed the statement from The Campaign for Plain English, whose spokesman said "the ban might stop people confusing the Latin abbreviation e.g. with the word 'egg'".

    Couldn't make it up.
  2. Defies belief.

    The 'oik' explaining the decision was spouting the 'Prescott' brand of social animosity.

    Although this awful man was on the wireless (sorry - radio; even more sorry - tuner) he came over so clearly as a sandal wearing; bearded; Grauniad reading; well-adjusted failure in life, with a chip on each shoulder.

    PS: Remember, if you do not educate 'the people' properly, they will have a lesser opportunity to oppose your views in the future.

    In other words, encourage the lager-swilling, un-employed, 'benefits dependant, to 'stay that way, and they will always vote for you!
  3. Perhaps Bournemouth Council feel that using ancient languages is somewhat 'infra dig'
  4. Do you think Bournmouth Council would understand that well known Anglo Saxon phrase that goes "Fuck off you bunch of pinko arseholes"?
  5. We need to get Boris Johnson to insult them in Latin!

  6. I agree with the council.

    English should be as simple as possible so all may enjoy it's richness and diversity.

    Quad errat demonstrandum
  7. Is the banning of obscure and unnecessary non-English terms in official communication, really an example of dumbing down? Or an example of wising up?

    Why should our laws and documents be written in a foreign language? Would any of you accept that if the EU were imposing it?
  8. I'm sure there's room for a bit of quid pro quo.
  9. I may take the council to court if I can find someone to take it on Pro Bono and can get it heard In Camera. I may send out invites marked PRTHI (oh alright, RSVP then.
  10. Im off to make a scrambled e.g
  11. Obscure terms shouldn't be used, but do people really confuse e.g. with 'egg' ?
  12. Think they're acting ultra vires?
  13. What will they call the council and councillors now, both are from the Latin word Consilium.
  14. Who was the council spokesman behind that pray tell?
  15. This time it is really urgent that we do nothing. Never has it been more important to maintain the status quo.

    Coatimundi......................toxophily (uter sinisterre bollix)