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Sorry to pitch in with a purely 'Officer' question.

I've heard that there are a number of qualifications/organisations you can join or have accredited to you when you become commisioned, or not long after.

Does anyone know -

of them
of a list
of a way of finding out

Help apppreciated... always looking for new and interesting ways to pad out the old CV.

I know that there is more opportunity to acheive them through the regular Army, these are the instutes that I know of. Most of these require a substantial amount of CPD to acheive chartership such as the ICE also they are related to which Corps you are badged to. Otherwise I dont really know what acreditation or qaulifications are available, more importantly where to find out.

RLC-Institute of Logistics (MILT)
RLC AT- Institute of Explosive Engineers (IExpl)
RE- Institute of Civil Engineers (MICE leading to IEng & CEng)
REME-Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)
Institute of Managers?
RAF-Institute of Loafing Whinging Bitches
Yes. The document you want is:-

Officer Career Courses, Accreditation Guide. (TA Edition). To obtain a copy call Upavon at 01980 618108 or 618113.

Brief summary: -This must all be applied for within 5 years of completing RMAS

- Edexcel/BTEC Certificate in MAnagement Studies (Must complete 2 units outside of the army for the qual- Finance and project). The cost is £300 but it seems you can make use of the SLC (strange didn't know the TA could) and claim £175 back.

- City and Guilds Licentiateship in Leadership (LCGI) - must have completed special to arms commanders course- £45- starts at Licentiateship, once a fully qualified Captain you move to Graduateship, one a fully qualified Lt Col+ you get Membership.

-Associate membership of the Chartered Management Institute (ACMI) - £90 annual fee. A networkingesque group I believe.

Hope this helps, more info can probably be gained from your Brigade Training Team. As they gave me the initial lecture (stay awake... don't close the eyes...) and documentation.
antphillip... on the money mate, thanks for that...

matelot... perhaps you should see someone about anger management... ;)


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