Further big redundancies for armed forces

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by revmodes, Nov 12, 2011.

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  1. Just picked this up, a "leaked"document states up to 16,500 army redundancies are likely over the next few years, up from

    7,000 previously given, wounded and on operational duties will be included.

    Daily Telegraph, sorry cannot link atm
  2. Hardly news. More accurate figure is approx 20,000. MOD has broadcast this internally for weeks now. Anyone MND Perm or MLD Perm watch your back!
  3. HHH

    HHH LE

  4. Convenient timing,more emotive shite,from a journo that needs to justify his existence,and sell papers,and why is it always the Telegraph that publishes 'leaked documents'?

    Isn't it redundancy,rather than 'the sack',I think even the Defence Correspondent of the Telegraph should know the difference,but what a great way to sell more newspapers over the Remeberance weekend!

    Cynical,moi? :roll:
  5. There's no way that this is news to anyone who's serving or to anyone with an ounce of common sense. Army needs to drop 20,000 squaddies, they're hardly going to keep a load of MNDs and lay off 20,000 healthy men.
  6. Thomas Harding has some time in uniform, and a lot of time out in Afghan; I think he is simply following his own sincere feelings - and an editorial line - of alarm at the contraction of the Armed Forces.
  7. The good thing about all this is it will soon be easier to book a med appointment on a Friday morning, I went into the med centre about six months ago for PULHEEMS and the queue for sick parade was out the door. Asked one of the medics if it was some epedemic and all he said was CO's PT for all the units.
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  8. I know, it will be ****ing great wont it?
  9. No,he's trying to sell more newspapers,that's his job,and he's doing on the back of the yearly 'breast beating',which makes his timing even more ****ing cynical.

    Everyone knows there are big cuts coming,across the board,that includes everyone,or do you think that's to harsh?
  10. It might be the Armed Forces' duty to quietly and meekly submit to the axe, but if a national newspaper believes government policy is misguided, and thinks that much of the population might feel the same way, then why shouldn't it play the government at its own game of spin and emotion?
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  11. This "thank you very much for your service now piss off attitude" might be the solution for the MOD's tight budget, but will create another problem for society and ultimately the welfare state.

    How many of the 20,000 odd will be in gainful civvy employment by this time in the next 2 years?

    Do MOD understand that this announcement will be music to the ears to any potential enemy of the United Kingdom and its territories of the world :?

    The fact that you could now comfortably seat Britons entire military personnel in to Old Trafford football stadium could be seen as hardly a force to be reckoned with to some crazy dictator .... and there are plenty of those still operating in the world.
  12. Old Trafford can seat 190000 people? Have they had an extention built on?
  13. Strangely enough,the lunch time BBC News has stated that a Captain was the author of this so-called letter,and he was spouting shite,not government,or even MOD policy!

    Another scoop for the Telegraph,not!

    There are a great many realists out there,who have looked at the case for our Armed Forces,and whilst they don't like it,are savvy enough to realise,the cuts are inevitable,unless of course you think that every other public sector worker is open to redundancy,except the Armed Forces?

    The next time a newspaper prints a story without adding any of it's own spin,will be a first,sorry!