Furnished SFA Rent and Bills

Hi there.
I have been trying to find out about this for a while now but having no luck. Finally decided to ask on here. Maybe someone will know.
I will be going to Wattisham in February to a Type B SFA two bed room house, which i have asked for a furnished house to which i am getting.
What i do not know is what the charge is going to be or even what the houses are like in the area.
What i guess id like to know is does anyone have any idea of how much i will end up paying a month for the house rent itself and the bills i will also have to pay. The basics if you will.
Also if anyone has pictures of a similar house it would be great to actually see what im moving into.
Thank you for anyone who has any help.
If you fancy sticking your head around the RP door (Families tab at the top of the page) you'll likely find someone who's living in Wattisham now or has done in the past. You'll get a female point of view but where quarters are concerned that's not a bad idea.

In the mean time, google chucked up Charges & Allowances.
You can now view all SFAs on the modern housing web page, once you have complete the E1132 application for a quarter using your JPA assingment number, they should send you the link to view the quarters in the area.

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