Furious BT customer on YouTube

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by a_nony_mouse, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. What works is a letter to the Chairman at his home address - obtained for a tenner from companies house. It a very subtle way of saying "I know where you live so you had better get my grievance sorted pronto".
  2. BFG 9000, just clicked on your sig block really good link. People you should check that link out, its brill.
  3. Already done a while back :x
  4. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    LOL...I love the way the automaton calls his manager to listen...ahhh didums did the nasty man shout at you... :twisted:
  5. I know a guy who moved house and had to contact BT's Irish inbred b*stard cousin Eircom in order to get broadband connected (essential for his business as he worked from a home office).

    He phoned Eircom from his house and Eircom assured him that he could not get broadband connected any time soon because his line had been disconnected. Despite him pointing out that he was speaking to them on the same line that supposedly didn't exist they insisted that he had no phone line.

    He is a very polite quiet bloke but after few weeks of dealing with those mongs he was reduced to shouting and swearing.
  6. I got a phone call last month and when I answered, it was a BT automated dialer telling me "sorry we can't answer your call, please try again later"

    They Fcuking phoned me
  7. Most of the call centers are now located in India .. that always causes a few laughs when you want a problem solved.
  8. I give up when I speak to an indian, just cannot understand them at all. I ask for someone who speaks English and am put through to someone even worse. Crap service.
  9. You Cnut!!!!!
  10. I didn't click on the link . but I can't resist calling someone I don't know a cnut on here .. I blame the peer pressure
  11. *sigh* I had to click it didnt I? Now its in my head and wont come out!! :x
  12. Can't blame BFG 9000 because he warns you not to click on the link.

    5.56mm on the other hand...

    I normally listen to BBC Radio 3 while I'm working as it is conducive to an atmosphere of serenity and helps me concentrate. That was like having a load of aural manure dumped on my desk.

    5.56mm please please please view this at work with the speakers at full volume when your boss is near your desk