Fur is back – would you wear it?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by alib, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. In an effort of distract the Orc hordes of Mumsnet.

    In The Guradian Fur is back – would you wear it?

    I'm somewhat conflicted as I prefer to walk around draped in dead game.

    Well would ya punk?
  2. Prefer a bit of sheepskin or similar to actual fur, but I've got nothing against it
  3. Rabbit fur skiddies are the way forward, been wearing them years.
  4. Wouldn't bother me. I've got some lovely leather boots that you'd have to pry from my dead body before you got them.

    Fur? Leather? All same same to me.
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  5. Not exactly Miss Mollusc.

    Fur is what covers your legs, anus and pubis.

    Leather is what your face is made of.
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  6. If I'd have had the chance, I would have had my dead dog's fur made into a Davy Crocket stylee hat, but the bastards burnt him and although I've tried, I just don't suit that "Someone's tipped an ashtray on my head" look.

    pink wellies.jpg

    I'd have looked fucking mint as well.
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  7. -worlds-first-bald-bear-3.jpg bearskin.jpg

    Look what they did to this poor bastard bear, nice hat though.
  8. It poses a moral and ethical problem to left wing tree huggers. Do I wear natural, sustainable clothing such as fur? Or man made fibers such as polyester that are not bio degradable?

    I suppose they'd go for cotton and hemp.
  9. I tried pointing that out to a veggie friend who was wearing plastic and man made fibres, They sort of tied themselves up in knots trying to argue their way out of it.
  10. sluggy2.jpg
    You might look like this then?.
  11. When me and Mrs MM go to Canada we wear fur hats and seal skin mitts. As do most of the locals. Can't see the problem myself.
  12. A similar effect can be seen with a Liberal and the Isreali/Palestinian problem. They tie themselves up in knots on that one as well.
  13. I've got a rabbit fur Russian Ushanka. Keeps my head toasty at -35. Warmer than any synthetic fiber I've worn. And to me, fur can be more renewable than nylon which is made from oil
  14. Ive a nice donkey jacket..will that do?

  15. Wear it
    Munch it?