Fur farming. Its disgusting. Be warned!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RCT(V), Jan 1, 2008.

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  1. I'm fighting the urge to be outraged... (very 2007)
  2. WTF do these sick cnuts get from keeping the animal alive like this. If this is done for for vanity then everyone who wears fur should be made to watch this. Just sick!
  3. You're right, it is disgusting! A real man would have been able to smash the furry little feckers skull with a single overarm swing, works a treat on small yappy dogs.

    Are you having a wip-round to get the poof a cosh?
  4. that is fcuking sick that cuntt was skinning it alive
    fcuking wankers need shooting
  5. Welcome to the 'civilised' society? We have so much further to go.
  6. Anyone know where you can get posters/stills the vid? :twisted:

  7. You'll be drinking rat's milk next!
  8. Whilst I do not condone or accept cruelty to animals, I do have a problem with PETA...

    I think you want to be a bit careful before jumping on bandwagons with this bunch. Some of their tactics in the "Animal Liberation War" go a bit beyond reasonable behaviour IMHO (even for the NAAFI!).
  9. The "Political wings" of the Animal Rights Terrorist organisations would never support this sort of behaviour would they? :roll:
  10. Well said HE117. Whilst I condome inhumane treatment of animals I have grave concerns about some of these Animals Rights types. In the UK we do use vivisection as part of developing medicine. An unpleasant but justifiable role in the advance of the world of pharmacy. Many a drug started off in labs in the Can/UK/US that now saves lives.

    These tree hugging swampy type lefties that threaten & firebomb should be shot.

    The Human rights of women in a lot of these countries is similar to animals. My kids have rabbits, gerbils etc. I love dogs and can just about tolerate a cat. I would never harm an animal. However Koreans eat dogs and Indian's revere Cows & Jews & Arabs don't do Pork and Jews don't do shellfish.

    If you were to look at the food chain of some of the processed meat/sausages/readymeals we get in Waitrose / Marksies / Tesco / Sainsburys the contents of your "Produce of the EU" Chicken Tikka Masala or Sweet & Sour Pork are not from Herriot Country and free range.

    Animals are part of out staple diet and not all killing is humane. I would imagine that an undercover camera in Norfolk at a bootiful turkey farm would be equally unpleasant.

    I confess that I do enjoy Veal.
  11. PETA.Are scum.No more ,no less
  12. Should the owner be allowed to continue skinning the animals alive – no.
    Does it stop me wearing fur – no.
    Seen worse done to humans, anyone remember the video of the Russian soldier getting his head cut off in Chechnya?
    As only humans are sentient, meat or fur cannot be classed as murder.
    Before anyone asks I’ve caught, skinned and eaten animals for food.

    Why is this in the NAAFI Bar? Surely if it’s supposed to be serious it should be in Current Affairs?
  13. P.S.

    If we weren’t supposed to eat fury woodland creatures - they wouldn't be made out of meat. :D