Fur bikini

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by brettarider, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. So could you hump this extra from the howling?

  2. MY EYES! MY EYES! They're buuuurning!
  3. fecked up fecked up fecked up

    but yep, bet she sniffs a bit musky
  4. Fit looker.
  5. I've had worse.
  6. Yeah wouldn't look bad if she had a shave just think of the foreplay with a razor...oreven better waxing strips :twisted:
  7. The horror.

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  8. brettarider...............so, you are a surfer on snuffx ? Check yourself in with a therapist you cnut.
  9. But if it wasn't for the hair I doubt if anyone would disagree that she's a lovely tight bod' and a very pretty face. Well?
  10. No pasted from another site :D
  11. Photoshopped shuuuuurrrrly?.............Hair, hair everywhere!!
  12. ... but not a drop to drink....
  13. Yeti makeover? Would I?Fack yeah I would.You should see what Im doing now. Its the chest hair that does it for me.
  14. hirsute.............. neh neh piliferous.
  15. Photoshop Defo!!