Funraiser in tenerife

Discussion in 'Sick Jokes' started by dh647, May 16, 2011.

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  1. Fundraiser for the victim of the madman in tenerife

    £10 per head or £5 without
  2. Just heard the victim has been named as ..edna moore..from headless cross in worcestershire.
  3. If this sick joke isnt removed by the Mods then I shall be heading over to speak the Police.
    Geddit? Heading over! You know as in heading!

  4. Tenerife eh? I won't beheading there any time soon.
  5. I shall be having a pint in memory of the murdered lass, I'll make sure the barman put's a good head on it.
  6. Come on guys, this poor woman has been murdered. Jokes like this are no way to get ahead.
  7. Even sicker than that, Ryan air have charged the family extra premium and excess baggage for them bringing the poor woman home at short notice, just shows it pays to book "ahead" A spokes person for the company said" coffin or not, the passenger is still on board and is included in the cabin crews headcount"
  8. Not fair ... the head was in the hold as unaccompanied baggage!!
  9. I wish the spanish would learn to speak english i said the missus wanted Decaffeinated
  10. there is a new dandruff shampoo in Teneriffe, it's called ....And Shoulders.