Funny what stress does to you

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ecross, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. After an enjoyable evening at the beating the retreat, I made a quick exit anticipating a problem with taxis. As I was in the front row, and on my own, I was first to archway, alongside the CDS and other dignitaries.

    Someone was clearly supposed to stop me (and others) leaving to allow the important people to leave. So a very loud and clear instruction was issued

    "Could that Officer stop people coming this way"

    Very young looking subaltarn, turns and says

    "That's what I'm doing, Garrison Sergeant Major"

    Clearly he is not, as I am between said subaltern and the GSM.

    So the command is given again, and this poor young officer could do nothing but say "That's what I'm doing, Garrison Sergeant Major" (over and over again) - despite the fact that by this time, people were streaming passed him.

    Clearly, he was so startled by the situation, he was unable to see the contradiction between stopping people coming, and the rapid column of people walking straight past him.

    I made some comment about getting him in trouble and headed back the way I came.
    Poor sod, there were some very senior people lolling around, no doubt thinking what a prat (or words to that effect).

    To his credit, he looked very smart!
  2. Hilarious, do you bore for a living?
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  3. You were doomed from your first sentence. Can you tell me more about bearing the retreat? Sounds a bit homosexual.
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  5. Well done ecross. At least someone went to help the poor bloke. I am always amazed at the "I'm of a certain stature/rank/position" lot who feel that requests dont include them if they dont want to do it. I work with a load of NHS consultants who behave exactly the same way. "What me, wash my hands every time or not go on the ward because I may have been in contact with an infection that is highly contagious!! I'm a consultant dont yer know."

    Well thats my day so far.
  6. Why am I not surprised
  7. I've just wasted two nights of my life on the musical extravaganza that is Beating The Retreat.

  8. Hooker or prop?
  9. Having never had another gentleman take residence in either my mouth or colon, I found your tale somewhat tedious.
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  10. Were you born this boring, or do you have to practice?