Funny Voicemail

This is a true story. You must listen. It is soo funny!!!

Click on this link's a Burger King supervisor calling in
to leave a message that he'll be late to a meeting. He then witnesses
a car accident. This voice mail message was copied and forwarded so much in Burger King Corporate that it shut down the voicemail system.
Tanks for the link Tomahawk6 I've heard this one before but lost the site. I wish there was some video on this one. It's like life imitating art for those of us that remember the Monty Python's Hells Grannies sketch.
This is how it's done in the O.C.! (More worrying still is that this is NOT a joke.)

The link below will take you to a radio station in Los Angeles. There will be a link on the site for a "burger emergency" or something like that.

The file is a woman who called 911 from a Burger King drive through asking a police dispatcher to send the busys round because they won't make her a burger the way she wants it.
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