Funny things that happen in training...


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Doing some very realistic BCD training recently where one of my mates was playing a leg amputee, complete with blood pump and prosthetic leg some distance away.

Another of the lads is diligently following his BCD book but misses a bit so the pretend amputee helps him out by whispering, "Don't forget to put a dressing on it"...

"Oh, cheers mate" says the attendee and promptly turns around, finds the amputated leg and starts putting an FFD on it! The amputee tried to set him straight but was laughing too much to get any words out. Even better he was reassuring the casualty whilst doing it so it looked as though he was talking to the amputated leg!



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Bravo_Bravo said:
FFS delete this, PLEASE
Why? It is an amusing tale.

You make it sound like ARABs are supermen who can do nothing wrong whilst all STABs are mongs. There are probably equal numbers of dumb soldiers in both sides of the army.

If you read the Emperor Mong thread (may he live long), most of the tales of woe are from ARABs and nobody is suggesting that that thread be deleted.

Unless of course you are the subject of the tale :twisted:
TA signals course and we are being explained the black arts of BATCO
Instructor. So we sent the message using the key setting 2 November next we use 2 Oscar as we change in sequence

Mong. should'nt it be 2 December?

Instructor. ????

Mong. they go in sequence so December should follow November right?
Me and a mate were working on the vehicle park in Split NP, when along comes another mate fresh from a trade course-

Us 2 - "Alright mate, did you pass?"

Him off course- "Yeah, no dramas"

One of us 2- "Was it intense?"

Him off course- (puzzled) "No, we had accomodation!" :lol:

You might have had to have been there :wink:

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