funny things heard on the net

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. i know its wrong and completely unprofessional and blah blah blah. but its fcuking funny!

    but there are some things that you hear when people have took back the net from the net nazis and using the cloak of anonymity made the whole net laugh out loud. (you know the ones im on about!) stories of angry bears quite recently made me laugh. cant find a link

    of course there is the little mispronounced words too like "bend over" instead of send over which gives your oppo/yozzer some doubt in what he heard.

    so then arrsers... lets have them
  2. The ones 14 Sigs play when they come round to do the Comsec briefings are always good - heard one with some infantry officer losing it with someone big time. If anyone has it and it's legal to host it somewhere, would love to hear it again.
  3. Pretty much anything said is going to be amusing when something has gone wrong and the local rupert is summoned to talk to the CO via your means. Sucking up while using correct VP and everything has gone to ratshit should be an all arms course at RSS.
  4. thats a classic, think wibblefishbanna site used to have a transcript.
  5. its not angry bears,,,,, its friendly bears !!

  6. Sorry to disappoint, I no longer have it
  7. Couple of stories here but it's on a thread called urban myths...
  8. A long, boring time into the nght in Germany....


    'Ah and Oh-Ah, this is One, minimise and see me tomorrow, Over!'

    'Aaah..Roger- Out!'
    'Oh, ah..Roger-Out!'

    Such innocent pleasures..

    F*ck knows what Ivan thought of it.

    The Clangers were always good, too. :lol:
  9. I recently read some where that easy was also known as maverick, i can disspell this myth as i know "he is not ready". ;)
  10. "Look sharp the Brigadiers around somewhere". QOH on exercise up Soltau way. He was, I was driving him and he was listening in. :D

    "I'm Tango 21, no you're not, I'm Tango 21". Both Yank tank formations which we just happened to mess with while on attachment to 14 sigs in our rebro. It was fun being given permission to cause mayhem.

    What's the rule? Don't let the enemy know he is succeeding? Someone should have told them.
  11. Probably another myth, " Sunray Minor has turned his land rover over on the Hannover flyover over"
  12. One I got at about 2 in the morning whilst on guard was something along the lines of

    Theres a clover in a Nova next to a Rover should i go over over.

    made the night more interesting

    and the ROO did complain once when he heard over the radio Our pizzas here.
  13. Don't forget the infamous 'Funk,I'm bored...'

    Zero (obviously) goes utterly ballistic trying to find out who it is

    unknown station replies with 'I'm not that funking bored'
  14. Once heard on a tesex

    T30 de 0 send sitrep k
    T30 My whole squadron is wiped out I am in the only tank left k
    0 Have you completed your objective k
    T30 No their is still some enemy left k
    0 Time to die heroically then +
  15. A certain Brigadier on an FTX in the mid-80s recieved orders from Div and finished with a cheerie "Roger Out!".

    Looking at what he had written down, he quickly developed a wrinkled brow and a worried look, before grabbing the handset and shamlessly uttering...."Roger back in again......"

    All you could hear was the panicked slamming of 432 doors as the whole complex burst into howls of laughter!