Discussion in 'RAC' started by Tankie_Bloke, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. Do you remember Cambrai Day when we used to have such fun and live to tell the stories about them? I think it is time we shared some of those stories with with other members.
  2. You can remember them??? Normally it took a number of witnesses.........
  3. The horse was funny though. Can't see why the "R"SDG's were upset about it.
  4. Not supprised! We didnt know that turret paint had lead in it! Apperenty horses dont like that! Still have no idea how it got down the bar either! Was the RMP chained up in a bar the same year?
  5. Think your right though 2NDTANKS all the fun police start to come out the woodwork now! really killed it off, Great shame thats what part of being a tankie was all about, work hard and play harder. Miss it. May have to start it going and raiden up for it! Time to start a new underground movment to get things back on track............last one outside the Rasmans office is A WHOOSY.
  6. HMMM!!; im to old for that.
  7. um.....strapin "ugg" Howkins naked to the flagpole on the grass between C and D sgn grass with smoke bombs around his feet as the Col@s wife walked by.Or hoisting some officers bike up the afor mentioned pole.Or Stealin the yank flag,nickin the 25 pounder from 25 art HQ.
  8. The horse in the bar was great fun, i was SSM at the time. The poor horse left the bar a little whoosy. And yes that was the nite we took the RMP hostage whilst we stole a certain officers boat and trailer. Unfortunately that got a little damaged in the process but we paid for the repairs. Do remember Rick Oshea stealing a "R"SDG officers Mess Dress. He wore it on the Cambrai Day ceremony. Great fun.
  9. Yeah they didnt seem too chuffed with that sence of humour eh!

    I remember the year we broke into recce and painted a few cvrs a nice shade of safron....."got away with that we thought" only to find out that while we were up to no good our squadron bumbulance was stolen and was sitting on the parade square in the very same golden paint job! As i recall it took the guard hours to get the padlock off and find some spare fuses to start the thing. Im sure hickman had something to do with that.

    What made it even better was the fact Goldy had spent the previous 2 weeks paining the thing hand!
  10. I cant believe you Frap, the biggest ring leader of us all............ you hanging up your electric screwdrivers then?
  11. A few years back in Egypt bar we decided to goto the SGF guardrrom and grab a member of the guard. So we along with the Ord Offr Lt J C*****s we headed to the main guardroom, the Ord Offr went inside and told the biggest guy he could find that he wanted a word outside, when the soldier (SDG) came out he was bundled into the car and taken to Egypt bar and given copious amounts of whiskey. The Guard Cdr for some reason didn't find it funny as the soldier still had his rifle and ammo on him.
  12. Frap may say he is too old but hes alwys in the thick of it like the time C sqn dropped cs down B sqn bar and then someone!!!! sent 2 green smoke back and cleared the bar.

    im sure Frap started that off with the cs!!!
  13. i seem to remember someones arv either sdg or qrih being driven onto the sports pitch and the tank park gates being crashed and an rmp car ending up saffron and a certain dennis being bit buy an rmp dog (though my memories are often clouded by to much beer in fantasy fally and tales of daring do from guys who had been in baor far to long (wolfenbuttel))
  14. Whilst going through RMP training at Chichester, my Platoon Sgt was telling me about how a patrol car in Fally was sprayed yellow. He was on duty that night. Later found out that it was the same night when i nicked the RMP sign off the old station by the Library it was my Plt Sgt that was stood inside watching whilst I stood on S***** T's shoulders and unscrewed it.
  15. What you know who we all are? way our names have been changed to protect the innocent, or so we though.

    Your are right though we need to get some regie pride back, I believe there is still alot about and alot of charactars still even if alot have gone. But the fun police get involved so soon, It used to be, as long as no one hurt......well seriously hurt (not including animal sadly, Sorry scots dg!) and it could all be put right in the morning then no dramas. Although i can sort of see why as we have alot of knuckle heads who sadly dont know where the line is. Funily enough there the ones with no regimental pride too. How ironic?

    By the way they are a little funny about lets just say sensitive avatars on here so you may get asked to change it bud, Just a bit of early warning mate.

    You gonna give us a clue who you are? I have a dam good idea!