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Without doubt, there will be many...i know theres a topic similar in the sappers forum, but this is for anyone.

I'll start, though there will be better ones. These did make me chuckle at the time though.!:

1) At the ranges, company shooting competition. Gets to the end of the shoot, were cleaning our weapons before getting cleared to leave the range. We all line up , so DS can check were clear, so we can do the I have no ammo declaration..blah..blah...
Anyway DS gets to one lad, who cant cock his rifle-..he says to DS...oh, ive lost my cocking hadle sir!!

2) Bit worse than that, but a different time and place,..we come back from ranges and get back to barracks. Sgt maj asks if anyone has left any kit at the range...rather sheepishly, a lad says' yes rifle.!

Bursts of laughter from everyone, but not the sgt maj!
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