Funny Regiment Names

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by barnezy349, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. I herd a song today, i think tis from the Italian Job (words are "we are the self preservation society") and i was thinking AGC immediately.

    AGC SPS = AGC Self Preservation Society

    I also saw a SAS one on the post about the SAS trooper who quit on moral grounds.

    SAS = Special Authors Service

    Does anybody else want to contribute to a (potentially) funny topic.
  2. My suggestion of Pennine Infantry Service (for the Kings Div Amalgamations) abbreviated to PEN.I.S for short didnt seem to get very far :roll:

  3. Who wouldn't like that? Tis brilliant.

    I no its off of my own topic but what the AGC equivalent to the APWT??

    Annual Pen + Writing Test
  4. Why isnt there a regiment called the Irish Booze-ileers?
  5. AGC= Alf Garnett Commandos
    RLC= Rags, Lorries and Curries
    QLR= Quick Lads Run! or Queens Last Resort

    A couple of offerings.
  6. WFR - We're from Redditch
  7. Been done I'm sure;

    WFR = We Flog Rockets
  8. REME - Royal Engineers Made Easy
    RE - Real Engineers

  9. REME - Royal Engineers Minus Education