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Funny Pictures Thread

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by abrecan, Nov 14, 2008.

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  1. :lol: :D :p

    Well now since we're all bored (otherwise we wouldn't be on here would we?) and the opportunities for mucking about are endless about cheering us selves up with some funny photos/pictures/artwork and make a funny thread? Apologies to Geordies now but this is funny, its is...come on.. :wink:
    You might have to use the zoom function because I'm obviously sh*te at posting pictures. And apologies (but not many) if it's been done before .....

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  2. Or this....

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  3. Wow... What gave you this spiffing idea?
  4. haha fookin awesome :D
  5. :D

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  6. Golly... You're Double Tapping... Must be speshul...
  7. I apologise if I got this picture from another arrse thread.. can't remember

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  8. ....or RAF Regt.... :wink:
  9. :D

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  10. He's not that speshul...

    None of you fekkers are as speshul as us... :D
  11. Awesome thread AA!
  12. Don't blame me... I didn't start it... There has to be a hundred of these here on Arrse and the OP can't find one... :roll:
  13. Hmm deja vu I think.
  14. Love the pic of the keyholder, where can I get one???
  15. :p

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