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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Jun 28, 2005.

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  1. I received a call today from a RAF police corporal asking if I had purchased some items from ebay in november 2003, it turns out they are still MOD property and they want them back, seeing as he seems to be the new columbo of the services police should I ask him to get on the case of the missing telic medals?
  2. You might want to ask him who gave them the link between your ebay ID and you address/phone number. If it was ebay, i'm sure they have breached their own confidentiality rules and the data protection act.

    Also, i'd tell them to ram it. You bought them in good faith from who you perceved to be the owner.

    So what did you buy that they so desperately want back? Theres bits of PRR's etc all over ebay which cant be bought on the high street. I imagine theres a few out there turning a buck on surplus kit, but they must be keen to chase you after all this time.

  3. You are the purchaser it is not your issue that property must be returned,
    ahh the RAF British Military's bastrad child. And I do agree it should be against E Bay's agreement with thier customers. Though if it is stolen goods then that would be their 'escape' for letting go your information.
    And tell them what ever it was it was a piece of shti and it broke!

    Cheers 2CB
  4. This is what Ebay say about disclosure of details:

    "We disclose limited personal contact information to verified requests by law enforcement and government officials who conduct criminal investigations in accordance with our Privacy Policy."

    Details here: Ebay disclosure

    Essentially, they can provide your contact details and transaction details to police; other information needs a court order. If you join Ebay you agree to their policies.

    As far as I'm aware, stolen goods always remain the property of the original owner (there may be circumstances where this isn't the case,such as if an insurer has paid a claim and so on). Anyone who bought them, even in good faith, may have to return them. It happens all the time with stolen cars, with buyers often left out of pocket by thousands. The buyer would have to take legal action against the seller to recover the purchase price.
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    BRL, you've already sold the items on at a car boot sale right...?
  6. What was it they are questioningyou about? Not some top secret documents i hope, as it wouldnt supprise meif they turned up on ebay!!

    I would ask how he found out your details, and then take it from there, saying you no longer have the article in question.
  7. Wonder if Market Overt applies to ebay and other auction sites?

    MARKET OVERT - Engl. law. Market overt is an open or public market; that is, a place appointed by law or custom for the sale of goods and chattels at stated times in public.

    In London, every day except Sunday, is market day. In the country, particular days are fixed for market days.

    It is a general rule that sales of vendible articles made in market overt, are good not only between the parties, but are also binding on all those who have any property or right therein
    from : The 'Lectric Law Library's Lexicon

    Definitely a place appointed by custom for the sale of goods and chattels!
  8. I was more worried about the receiving stolen goods bit, but Ive been advised in theory they could do me for that but seeing as ebay advertised the goods they could be done as well, after all its only a SA80 sling and a cleaning kit that I sniped for a couple of quid to keep as spare, Im tempted to give him a old SLR swing and play dumb, or as a mate in the police said: pretend your a bit thick with reading diffulculties "A sling and a cleaning kit? no mate I thought it was a swim in a kit kat club".
  9. Cleaning kits have been updated since the arrival of A2, they are now expence items bar a couple of bits.
    Rifle sling should now be on your 1157 but are ten a penny, just look behind any seats in a 4 tonner, prob a few BFA's and mags there too.

    Cost MOD more for the phone call than to replace the goods, tell Sherlock to sling his hook. Sounds like a wind up to me :)
  10. Unless they are possibly trying to build a case against someone who has been systematically selling MOD property and the more they can prove, the better their chance of a prosecution.
  11. Best take those green batteries out of my pushbike lights :?

    B Hell, I think I still have some grass from the plain in my you think they will want it back :?:
  12. I read somewhere that this was in fact a scam
  13. Oh go on admit it! They will be phoning you now, for god's sake don't tell them your name Pike.
  14. Got me spooked now........Fcuk it....JB68 going underground 8)
  15. Well got the visit today, he took away said items, it turns out some RAF bloke has been flogging off all this gear on Ebay for a while and was getting away with it until he started flogging things which dont get realeased to the public like gas parts,susat sights etc, I had to sign a statement saying I didnt know they were stolen and i wouldnt speak about this to anyone..oops....