Funny Or Not?

Imagine after a night on Guiness and a kebab.

Or he says to some totty "Sorry love just going for a sh1te" and she catches him standing up and pissing out his arse. Puts seeing a woman standing up to have a p1ss in the urinals in a new light. Good party trick though.
Can you get the op done on BUPA

I think it would be thoroughly awesome whilst receiving a nosh you fart down her throat and pop a malteser in her gullet.
happybonzo said:
AubreyGerrard said:
I thought you lot would appreciate this:

There seems to be some disagreement on this side of the pond as to whether or not there is any comedic value to the above story.

Even though there are some unfortunate aspects to the story, I sadly found myself giggling when I read it.
Your thoughts?
Just shows that perhaps you belong on this side then :)
Exactly what I was thinking... ;)
I was trying to think of a smart-alec comment involving Polish plumbers and doctors but have given up.

I feel sorry for the guy if the story is true.


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