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funny military fuck ups on film

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by plant_life, Apr 18, 2005.

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  1. am after funny military fuck ups that have been caught on candid camera. Ive seen a few like the guy who runs out into the street with an rpg only to get slotted in three seconds. Can any body help with some good links?
  2. This is why you need to keep clear of Big Bombs

    (2.9mb Avi clip)
  3. PLant life drop me your email, i have one for you about a marine assult on a beach, when they jump of the boat, they land in quick sand, just a shame itds dubbed over with chumbawumba sing tubthumping, but you can still hear the camera man nearly wetting himself laughing
  4. Still makes me smile to see that one :lol:
  5. Try the the French news archives, there has to be bloody loads :D
  6. Thats not marines its 40Reg RA on TelicII. Playing soldiers. tis very funny though
    Was also on Kirstys home videos a while back
  7. Have heard about this, but never seen it. Do you have a link ?
  8. Doesn't get any funnier than the Marines making a landing in Gib, only for thenm to find that they were actually landing in Spain (Oops), turning tail and running away fast as feck.

    Only covered by ALL of the major news shows in UK and Spain!
  9. here Voice over by Darth Vader
  10. Any confirmation on it being 40 ??? The reason I ask is that the Royal Regt has got the blame for that on arrse before but I found it interestingthat the guys carried SUSAT's, which isn't normal unless its a Telic thing
  11. It was always fun to see how long it would take for a border incursion to occur when a new Bn took over the ARB in NI. I seem to remember a certain maritime regiment of foot being particularly poor with the map and compass. I refrain from saying when this was though.
  12. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    yeah :lol: I seem to recall the boats are Combat Assault rather than Raiders?

    Don't think the guys leaping into the mud are booties.....they would have been doubled over pi77in' themselves....plse post the lnik for old times sake !
  13. It's a Telic thing - even us Scaleys got SUSAT for it. Apparently the reason is either
    a - The Arabs are terrified of SUSAT or
    b - Because they've seen so many SUSAT, they think the peope with iron sights are special and aim for them first :p

    They're the reasons I was told anyway, suspect that (a) is more likely than (b).
  14. Bugga ... keep getting error 404 :evil: