Funny Film Clip About Military R&D and Procurement

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by jumpinjarhead, Aug 4, 2010.

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  1. I was not sure where to post this so if this is not the right one mods please so advise.

    Given the seemingly immutable truths of the process of military R&D and procurement of "kit" that have been discussed here and elsewhere, I was sent these clips today and thought they would be of interest as they seemed to me to capture so much of the strange dynamics of this arena whether in the US or the UK.

    If you have seen the film, my apologies.

    YouTube - The Pentagon Wars - Part 1

    YouTube - The Pentagon Wars - Part 2

    YouTube - The Pentagon Wars - Part 3

    YouTube - The Pentagon Wars -Part 4

    YouTube - The Pentagon Wars - Part 5

    YouTube - The Pentagon Wars - Part 6

    YouTube - The Pentagon Wars - Part 7

    YouTube - The Pentagon Wars - Part 8

    YouTube - The Pentagon Wars - Part 9

    YouTube - The Pentagon Wars - Part 10
  2. this is brilliant. if you arnt already start watching it
  3. Watched 30 mins so far andI have to say I feel sorry for the Colonel Designing the Bradley :D

    Good find JJH
  4. I'm just watching the opening titles and thinking " ouch that has to smart"
  5. This is worth a bump before it gets swamped by bone "what shall I wear when I join" posts.

    IMHO It's brilliant.
  6. Well that's just passed 1 1/2 hours when I should have been getting on with some paperwork - Hurrah!

    No surprise at the outcome, especially the 'Screw up? - Never mind have a promotion' part. Happens in our army too JJH.

  7. I was quite impressed as it managed to capture just about every personality I have ever known in this field. For an American film, the character development and "bureaucrarmt-speak" is spot on.

    This one is a real sleeper.
  8. I love Pentagon Wars, it's a cracking film. Really does show the backside of procurment
  9. I saw it on HBO years ago. Kelsey Grammer was great as the hustling major general in charge of the project. His lust for that next star rings true - I've seen characters like that in the Army. This film is going to be downloaded to the old hard drive. Thanks for the tip, JJH.:applaud:
  10. Thanks to you--i was trying to figure out how I missed it and you answered it as I have never gotten HBO!!
  11. Thanks JJ for making me stay up late, I have to be at work at 0600. Great film, yes that's 14 with a B. Although I do believe that we spent over 100 quid developing the SA-80.
  12. Sorry for the late night.
  13. any squaddie who recieved abit of gear that isnt quite as job specific as it should be has imagined that sceen at the initial "troop carrier" release

    "guns a little small, can we get a great big cannon on there?"
    "yea with a turrett"
    "kick the lads out and do two runs, replace them with ammo"

    exactly as i imagined it lol
  14. I agree-it brought back many such instances where we looked at each other and asked "what were they thinking?"
  15. Just watched it all and had quite a few chuckles, combined with wtf moments!

    Good call JJR, Sir! :biggrin: