funny drunken stories

Last night I was out in Glasgow, and at the end of the night it was time for food. On the way back to meet everyone else, me and a m8 stopped off to relieve ourselfs in a lane. On returning to the street, we were amazed to see a beer keg (empty) rolling down the street with nobody in sight... its not something that tends to happen

So being as drunk as I was, i decided to take this keg as a souvenir of my night (very fitting souvenir i might add)

We walked down and met everyone outside a club and after a short wait it was time to move off again. Picking up the keg and having it above my head, I recieved a rather haisty tap on the shoulder. Turning round (still with the keg above my head) I was quite surprised to see two policemen standing behind me.

Naturally the first question put to me was "Where did you get that".... to which my reply was "it was rolling down the street" - im sure you can imagine his face. Naturally with me standing outside a club with a keg, he thought I stole it from inside and basically didnt believe me. He told me to put it back, but i told him that that wasnt really possible because it was rolling down the street - while assuring him I didnt steal it. Still probably in shock from such a random answer he made me surrender it to the bouncers and I was on my way.

Waking up the next day and chatting about it to other guys who were there, its hard not to pi*s yourself laughing and im sure there are a million other stories like this, so lets have them out.
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