Funny 1045s/ EFRs etc.

Digging out a drawer the other day and found an EFR that was sent a few years ago regarding an ece fault on a cr2, it read;

Crew reported no TI picture in gunners relaxed viewer, fault diagnosis carried out IAW AESP...... on closer inspection it was noticed that the viewer had a piece of paper taped over it. Fault diagnosed as thick as fcuk trooper. Trooper sent to SSM for 2nd line repair!

Made me think about some other funny EFR's but also what some people put on 1045's when submitting jobs to REME.

Got any to share???
Not EFR or 1045 but when I asked for statement because some damage looked deliberate the statement included the line "upon using excessive force it came away".
When I was working as a Sigs repair NCO in Al Amarah a couple of years back, I remember we recieved the bottom half of a bowman antenna and an EFR from a Cav troop leader.

"The antenna was in one piece when we left the gates and checked equipment, but upon return we found that the antenna had snapped in half due to the excessive vehicle speeds we reached."

That troop leaders driver must be on the ball with his maint, because god alone knows how fast a CR2 needs to go to achieve that!
Inf types are just as good. 1045 for Pinz 4X4 out in Afghan, veh belonged to BRF, "Repair rear snapped axle". Questioning driver "It snapped on the first bump out of camp mate".

Vehicle dumped in VOR park and after a few days new axle recieved. Young Craftie turns to section Sgt and says " We think we know what the problem is, you might want to have a look".

The young Sgt wanders over, checks out the problem and phones the vehicle owner. Asking "get your arses over here and remove the 3 & 1/2 tonnes of ammo from the vehicle. Thats the cause of said problem, by the way who signed the FFE cert as he is obviously blind or stupid".
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