Funniest things seen on ranges/training areas.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Brush_Dust_Shake, Jul 26, 2008.

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  1. Yesterday I & some colleagues visited a certain urban range complex "somewhere in England". Upon entering said facility we went for a wander to familiarise ourselves, certain parts of it are interactive to create greater training realism.
    I couldn't help noticing that the dummies who populated some of the buildings had been re-arranged, obviously some users have let their imagination run one house there was an open coffin with a male dummy lying face up in it, with a female dummy placed on top in the "69" position. Not that imaginative by itself, you might think, but on the other side of the room was an old sofa with 2 child dummies seated on it; the arms/hands of both had been posed to make it look as though they were covering their eyes - Ooh, don't look!
    This caused a lot of mirth, further supplemented by the observation that a kennel had been placed outside another house; within the kennel was a large stuffed toy dog being rogered senseless by a stuffed toy camel.
    Anyone else come across any imaginative usage of props like this on ranges or training areas? Some Arrsers no doubt will know the identity of the facility referred to above, or may have been responsible for the creative posing of dummies themselves........ :wink:
  2. Swynerton indoor NI range is similar except when you look in one of he house windows there's a pair of dummies dressed as hookers complete with sussies etc
  3. Sounds like Hastings to me.Do I win a prize?
  4. Sennelager, besides the bird with no knickers, one time i was there, someone had arranged a dummy to be giving head to another in the bogs. Both had priests vestment thingys on :)
  5. The coathanger range at Hythe, someone had arranged for the priest (the one with the GBFO crucifix that looks like a gat) to come out at top speed, close behind another dummy of a young boy, also moving at top speed. Needless to say, the clothing of both had been somewhat rearranged.
  6. Sounds like a quiet night in JHQ Married patch!
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  7. You're getting warmer.......... :wink:
  8. To keep the lid on the village location
    Doing the training , and use a door way as you do , which opened , in side the dummy look like it was taken a p*ss , until I was shot .
    Went back some years later , this time , I shot first with the DS calling me some name at the time , not getting shot by the same runt twice

    Lets Be Ave U

    When in the ACF many years ago , a young lad fired the 303 bren on a 25m range . each time he fire, he moved forward end up half way down the range , he was the same height as the gun
    RCO don't shoot at the birds /crossing sheep , wrong thing to say
    people looking over the top or walking out of the butts when firing is going on

  9. are you on drugs?? wtf was that about??... can you speak english? :D
  10. not me chief I'm airframes
  11. Well that's 30 seconds of my life I'll never get back.

    Shite that was, just shite. :pukel:
  12. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Well thats a new coffee flavoured keyboard for me then! :clap:
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  14. You airframes? Mebbe you meaning Zimmer frames? When you learn English so good like me, mebbe can post what people understand, yes? Many lucks.

  15. Me carrying targets and pasting up.

    No bruises involved there. Oh No siree.