Funniest Phonetic Alphabet/ Password Challenges

Looking at another post on visits I remembered this.

While Stagging on outside my LAD in Traz in the late 80's on an ORT(Operational Readiness) Ruskies are coming type exercise we were approached by five officers Majors/Lt Cols. As they approached one of our new Cfn at the time waited till they got near to him and challenged them with halt. After a long pause they approached further and he said halt again and looked rather worried, after a further pause of a few minutes they moved right up to him. He shouted halt again to which one of the Majors said whats wrong sonny.

Cfn X.... its the password sir I know it's a H but cant remember the exact word.
Major.... Go on son have a go.
Cfn X....Hyena.........Hyena
Major.... Wrong son have another go
Cfn X.....(extremely red by this stage).........Hello......Hello......

Our laughing on the GMPG 40 metres away was only drowned out by the rupture from the officers as they carried on there inspection shouting Sierra Sierra. (you know who you are mate get in touch if your out there)

Has anyone else had some similar blonde moments?
When I worked for a national pub company, the codeword for bomb threats was "Mr Sands was in the building", apparently this upset a few of the Irish staff as they thought it was meant as a slur on Bobby Sands, that well known hunger striker and equally unknown terrorist bomber.
On those 2 day Bn jollies - sorry, shake out/inf bo**ocks/CBRN/check the cam fits exercises- I have always enjoyed using charlie alpha kilo echo and alpha romeo sierra echo for a laugh, hoping someone in the hierarchy would ask what the Pl/Sect password was....
Cake and arse. As in "show". Like it. That's funny Animal but I don't think anyone ses it anymore Mate.

The old ones are the best.

Nearly 50 now.....Is that Latin?

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