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Funniest ARRSE Thread/Post?

Having spent many hours trawling through various threads/posts I have decided that some of the comments etc are bordering on comic genius.
My current favourite is the comments to cloggies pic on the truth behind the username.Link Here

What is your favourite/funniest ARRSE thread/post?
I'm with you Dale MONGS. :mrgreen:

Squaddies Trying To Be Like Proper People though was superb. :safe:

Especially the tale about the groom's speech where he said they were going to have to buy nappies soon. Then went on to say it wasn't that they were having a baby, it was that the Mrs had an anal prolapse.

Totally classic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :donut:
I was busy looking for FaceParty walts and now realise Ronnie got there first. Bu66er!
They, plus other walt threads (especially this poor cnut ) provide me with much mirth. However, (should the moderator be listening), can Walts be organised into one area? The threads get very long and the bstds may not get the outing they deserve.

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