fungy feet!



orite guys, my mate was wondering if his fungus toenails will affect him passing the medical? only on of his toes, and it isnt that bad! he really wants to join. but is really paranoid about his toe nail! any help guys?


haha! no it is him! my feet are hunky dooary! its not caused by lack of washing, its just the toe nail, it goes hard and green, you can get it from swimming pools and by wearing other ppls shoes
It can be a fail on the medical due to the requirement for communal living in barracks.
Go see a GP
Tell him to see his GP. They'll take some snippings and send them off to confirm a fungal infection. There are two ways to treat a fungal nail infection, the first is a topical (ie surface) paint and the second is tablets.

Tell him to take the tablets. The paint is less than useless. The treatment will take some months and the nail may fall off, which makes tabbing and phys a bit sore for a while. Tell him to sort his gopping foot admin out too. Clean, dry, air and powder his feet with the issue powder regularly and don't let him use other blokes' towels/socks etc. He should also use flip flops in communal showers etc.
DocSTAB said:
He should also use flip flops in communal showers etc.
If only to protect the other men.

Tablets are the only effective treatment, and they take months and months.

Use the time wisely to inform him of what a skank he is. 8O

My Mrs had a problem with the nails on her big toes, she tried a lacquer called Curanail and it cleared it in two weeks. Maybe it works for some but not others,but it all comes down to personal hygiene as someone on here has already stated, its a waste of time trying to cure it if your mate doesn`t look after his feet. 8O


cheers lads, think he got it from a blokes shoes in kavos! i'll be ripping him all the way! his toes look l ike pigeon feet! haha, i passed selection by the way! well chuffed!


cheers amte, got 10.09 for the run, 11 heaves, 55kg lift, and the rest passed but not sure what i got, never asked.
Just the one toe you say? lop it off with a pair of bolt cutters, sorted.

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