Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chosen_man, Nov 7, 2005.

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  1. Bit of a chat in work today, got on to the subject of death and funerals. Got me thinking what hymns would you have sung at your funeral. My 3 Would be

    1) Jerusalem
    2) I vow to thee my country
    3) Onward christian soldiers

    Then on to the pub to drink and say he was a cnut wasn't he.
    Just intrested thats all.
  2. 1. Who wants to live forever - queen
    2. Jerusalem
    3. For the comittal Bat out of hell - Meatloaf

    Was talking with my old man about similar a couple of weeks ago, that daft old cnut wants his ashes mixing with black powder and firing down Stickledown at Bisley..... If he goes first I'll do it for him
  3. Burning Ring of Fire - Johnnie Cash.
  4. for me, Killed by death, by Motorhead

    Can't happen here, by Rainbow

    Motorhead, by Hawkwind

    and I want my corpse stuck in a boat and set fire to, Viking style. only its not allowed. (mind you, what can they do, arrest me?)
  5. Song 2 - BLUR.

    Regards LT.
  6. Disco Inferno - (can't remember who sang it)
  7. At 0913hrs on Monday morning? That's serious! I'm usually awake, alert and raring to go by then! I only get that suicidal late on Sunday evenings when faced with a pile of CRs and other work that must be completed by, say, 0913hrs on Monday morning....

    Abide With Me
    Onward Christian Soldiers


    And, please, don't ask your mates to sing "All Things Bright and Beautiful" just for a laugh. A church full of soldiers trying to sing in harmony to that is NOT funny.
  8. The great gig in the sky - The Floyd

    My father in-law had;

    There ain't no pleasin you by chas n dave.

    Strange thing though. He fcuking hated them 8O.
  9. Smoke gets in your eyes.
  10. 1. Jerusalem
    2. I'm for ever blowing bubbles.
    3. The Lion sleeps tonight
    4. Agadoo
    5. I'm a little teapot.
  11. no it was'nt at 0913 it was about 1630 but i posted it at 2113hrs, but anyway all things bright and beautiful now thats an idea just to upset the vicar who let's face is the only one who sings at these things anyway
  12. Wake me up before you go, go..........
  13. Going unerground by the jam
  14. Smack me bitch up - Prodigy
    I am the scat man - Scat man
    Ebanesa good - fook knows
    Me and my monkey - Robbie Williams
    Rape me - Nivana

    At least I will have a laugh looking up/down from wherever I go