Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Jimmy1234, Jun 4, 2008.

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  1. Got a funeral in a few days... i have a set of twos that should fit, what do i need to wear with it... White belt? Green belt? Clown Wig? etc.
  2. Suggest green belt and black arm band. Not taken from any official source, just my gut feeling.
  3. Go with the black belt c/w shiny front plate buckle and badge..if you can get hold of one.
  4. The standard belt and peak cap if you have one.

    Leave the arm band unless you are part of the bearer party (funeral director usually will provide).
  5. Sadly went to one last Friday, I only saw officers with the bearer party wearing a belt and none wearing peak cap (you don't need to wear either in the church or at the wake). Guess you should have the kit with you but you'll be carrying it a lot
  6. thanks.

    just wanted to check, are there any set dress regs for family funerals? all i can find is Mil funeral regs. doubt anyone would come and say 'oi your not wearing the right belt' but thought id ask.