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She has also provided vocals for songs by Primal Scream (the 2003 version of "Some Velvet Morning"), Babyshambles ("La Belle et la Bête") and the Lemonheads ("You're a Dirty Robot").
She was shite on all of them.

Pretty sure @Joshua Slocum means Kate Bush.
I used to know an ex rock ape who went through jobs quicker than osprey and one was at an undertakers. We agreed to meet up the pub to watch the rugby one Saturday and he screeched up late in a new black van. 1 pint turned into 5 as the game wore on when his boss rings and asks where the van and body is. We all think he’s kidding but he takes us out to the van and in the back is someone in a body bag he even offered us a look and says |”he won’t mind he’s not going anywhere”

My funeral plan since has been the Muslim express,no service picked up and burnt to a crisp before you can say 2 pints and a packet of pork scratching.
In to “Lillibolero”, then “I’m the Twisted Fire Starter” just before the curtains close, followed by “Burning Ring of Fire” as my coffin is dragged out the back, then as everyone exits the Crem and stands outside, “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”
Back to my local for a spooky game of “knock the Arrse holes drink off the table”

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