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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Disney, Nov 25, 2009.

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  1. I have been asked by my family to wear my grandads medals to his funeral tomorrow and need to know the protocol or if i am allowed to wear them.
    I thought they could only be worn on remeberance day.
    As the only currently serving member of the family i think they want me to do a soldierly bit.
    But i really don't have a clue weither to refuse to take his medals to the service or if i need to do the marchy abouty salutey thing or what.

    Family have asked if i will wear his gear and i dont have the foggyist what the protocol is.

    Please help i got 8 hrs til we plant him and i seem to be expected to pull something out of the bag.
  2. If you're in uniform, No2 or No1 dress is best. Wear the medals on your right breast. It's a private funeral and no ones going to get the arrse with you as you'll be doing it out of respect. Don't do the salutey marchey bit though. If he's getting buried you could always stand to attention as he's being lowered into the grave out of respect.
  3. I don't think it would be frowned upon to salute him as he is lowered as it would be a private event. But then again I feel that may be a personal thing. Right breast for his medals.
  4. I'm pretty sure I've seen medals placed on top of the coffin during the service.
  5. We put my father-in-law's gongs on the coffin prior to it being carried in to church. In Australia, the local RSL (your RBL) sends around a couple of returned servicemen to do a short talk about where the deceased served, do the last post and distribute poppies to put in the grave, but this might just be an Aussie thing.
  6. Yep that's the thing, worn on remembrance parade as he is unable to attend himself.
  7. Thanks guys, I think i would be more comfortable with them on the coffin. (What with one of the being the iron cross) I think stoppages standing to attention as he is being lowered away idea is best. subtle but noticable, i as you can well imagine don't want to draw a cock on the old boy's last day.

    Thanks again.
  8. Don't do the salute for fcuk's sake! :D
  9. Thanks guys,
    It was a great send off, a really good day if the old boy was with us he would have drunk us out of drambuie and had a great time all round.
    Have just packed the last of the pissed up family away. Over riding memory of the day has been people smiling and making rather inapproriate jokes. Cheers for your help. I would have been gutted to **** it up, as the old fella would have had his angry face on if it looked like we were cocking about.

    Today we buried a good man, a holder of the burma star amongst other stuff i cant identify and above all else a father and a grandfather.
    He will be remembered long and with light hearts

    Thanks again to you for helping out with making it smooth and easy.

    So long Sgt. J.M.
    The Gordon Highlanders, Bydand.
  10. Well done Disney, sounds like an appropriate send off. I can't be the only one wondering, what is the gen on the Iron Cross?
  11. No, you're not, mucker. I was just waiting for somebody else to broach the subject first. :)

    However, I'm sure there's loads more folks interested in it.

  12. I too am interested in the Iron Cross saga.
  13. Iron Cross + Burma Star.

    I would like to hear the story as well mate.

    Glad the planting went well. Good Man.